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This is YOUR chance to be part of the 2016 Bentzen Ball edition of Picture This!

The show producers want to include the D.C. community in their D.C. debut at their FREE show at the Kennedy Center. So they’re holding a contest to find the final artist for the show!

Here are the only requirements:

– Artist must be comfortable using a Wacom/Cintique/or other digital drawing tablet and Photoshop
– Artist must be available Friday, October 28 between 5-8p for pre-show tech rehearsal and the show

Here’s Jen Kirkman at Picture This! in Los Angeles.

Send your reel/samples of their digital work to [email protected] or message Facebook.com/PictureThisShow

The winner gets to draw for one of the performers and will be chosen, alerted and announced by Wednesday, October 26.