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We’re beyond excited to announce that we’re one of the media partners for MCON 2016! Located right at National Geographic (and you guys know how much we love that place), MCON is a celebration of people and organizations that (honestly) care about social change. From social justice to public service (and more), MCON is a gathering of entrepreneurs, political leaders, and generally cool people who want to do good.


Speakers include Mark Brzezinski (the Former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden!), David Litt and Brad Jenkins (from Funny or Die!), Miki Agrawal (author of DO COOL SH*T!) and so many more. Activities include an opening night party (followed by a morning run with Kevin Clery of Clif Bar because these people are self actualized as hell), panels on exploration, tech, creativity, and (obviously) much more.

Interested? COOL. You can register online right here! See you there, friends.