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The One Step Beyond series at the American Natural History Museum is on hiatus this month, but its return will be well worth the wait; we are IMMENSELY excited to tell you that May’s OSB lineup will feature Obey City, Falty DL, AND a DJ set by JAMES BLAKE! That’s right, you’ll get to spend the ENTIRE evening of May 10th under the stars at the ANMH’s Rose Center for Earth and Space, dancing to the tunes of the aforementioned AMAZING artists.

To get in on the May OSB action, grab tickets for just $25 a pop here. (Trust us, they’re going to go quickly.) So get ready for one of the greatest parties to date, and in the meantime, take a listen to all the musical talent your ears will soon be filled with:

James Blake

Falty DL

Obey City

As evidenced by everything presented so far, this is going to be EPIC. Grab tickets while they’re hot, and we’ll see you May 10th!