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Our favorite food event of the year is more than a party. It’s a mind-altering and time-bending foodie block party that takes over the city and involves all of your favorite restaurants and bars. Dine-N-Dash is back, friends, and this year it’s bigger than ever.

With the goal of raising money for José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, Dine-N-Dash is taking over Penn Quarter, 14th Street and (for the first time) The Wharf. Just like last year, they’re closing down some of D.C.’s best restaurants to the public, so you can party the night away while enjoying unlimited food and drinks. Not to mention, you have the exclusive opportunity to hang out with Andrés as well as special guests Hugh Acheson, Antonia Lofaso, Brooke Williamson and Chris Cosentino.

Tickets to Dine-N-Dash are on sale now and we recommend you grab them ASAP because 1. What could be better than stuffing your face with Oyamel tacos for a cause? 2. The entire BYT team will be there and 3. Regular tickets are $25 off and VIP tickets are $50 off for a limited time!

(And if you’re really feeling in the Dine-N-Dash spirit, we recommend you grab those VIP tickets, the earlier start time and VIP only restaurants make all the difference in the world.)

We’ll see you on June 12!