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Remember how much fun you had at BURST!, the grand opening of Artisphere? (if you missed it, just ask around for confirmation, go ahead, we’ll wait…) Well guess what, it’s been a whole year, so it’s time for a another party! ON OCTOBER 8TH. WHICH IS NEXT SATURDAY!

Limited number of $15 pre-sale tickets here.

Now read about all the crazy good stuff happening:

Celebrate Artisphere’s first birthday with an evening of original art, incredible music, and off-beat artsy activities.

In honor of turning one, Artisphere commissioned local artist and cinematographer Brian Stansfield to create Orbit, a site-specific video work sponsored by the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, to light Artisphere’s Dome. Read that again and let it sink in.

Party attendees will get access to downloads of exclusive original scores to Stansfield’s work created by six artists including art rock band Beauty Pill, sound artist Yoko K as well as artists performing live at Artisphere that evening:

  • DJ supergroup Volta Bureau (in their first live performance!)
  • Alvin Risk
  • Hays Holladay of Bluebrain
  • Barcode Orchestra
  • Aaron Thompson

The music will not be audible to those passing by, however, as it will not be amplified. Rather, the five pieces will be made available in advance for attendees to download and load onto an iPod or portable music player. Using a visual sync at the beginning of the video, they will be able to listen to any musical piece they chose. None of the musicians will have heard what the others have created prior to the unveiling, nor will the video artist have heard what the musicians have done with his work. This is quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

The evening also includes a live interactive mural creation with artist Arijit Das

You, Me, Them Everybody LIVE!, a very special edition of Brandon Wetherbee’s live variety show featuring interviews, comedy, and more.


A limited number of VIP Backstage Passes available to Artists’ Lounge includes private balcony access overlooking the Ballroom, a swag bag and $1 drinks. That’s a really good deal if you do the math. Get them here:


Free parking garage and only 2 blocks from Rosslyn Metro

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