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all photos: Jeff Martin

Tig Notaro’s dedication to the creative operations of next month’s Bentzen Ball comedy festival knows no boundaries. The comedian oversees all aspects of talent acquisition, show scheduling, comedian activities, the list goes on and on… You see Tig isn’t just another comedian for hire, content to show up, perform and make a beeline for her hotel room. Tig is like a mad scientist, hovering over her comedy baby, making sure every attribute is managed to perfection. This attention to detail has now stretched to include oversight of quality control within business to business (B2B) branding and content marketing partnerships.

This obsession with quality benefits you, the consumer, greatly, in no uncertain terms. For example, when Shake Shack approached Bentzen Ball producers about co-creating an exclusive Bentzen Custrard for the festival, Tig agreed as long as she could be a part of the production process and have final say on ingredients and flavor profiles.

Shake Shack, long known for disruptive innovation in all aspects of food and beverage operations as well as store design acquiesced only after watching a video about the creation of Bentzen Ball and how festivals don’t normally look like this one

As you can see, Tig donned the familiar Shake Shack uniform and sat down with their Research and Development team to formulate the new product, codenamed: CHOC’ FULL OF LAUGHS


Many different combinations were attempted, many different ingredients used, the familiar refrain of “…needs more chocolate” became the anthem of the day, echoing through the halls of the Shake Shack Innovation Laboratory like Dr. Frankenstein’s calls of “It’s Alive”…


Gallons of ice cream, buckets of chocolate and probably seventy-five chocolate graham crackers later, the final concoction was greenlit. While you won’t be able to get your hands on it until the beginning of October (and a limited run at that), we’re envisioning it as this generation’s Shamrock Shake, and we can tell you that it’s F-ing delicious.

Oh, and by the way it’s free with any proof of purchase of a Bentzen Ball ticket. Throughout the festival (Oct 1-5).

So there’s that.


Learn more about Bentzen Ball RIGHT HERE

(which, aside from Tig features some of the OTHER funniest people in the world too performing all over town Oct 1-5)

and see you all soon.