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It’s time again for BYT’s favorite metal head Andy to weigh in on the scene.  Special Karaoke edition… WTF?


Arrrgghh!  how’s it going people in BYT land!  I’ll ask you to please speak up a little louder this week, because the ole eardrums lost many braincells or hearing cells or whatever. Wow! I went to Jaxx on Sunday night to see Dark Tranquility and The Haunted, it was amazing to say the least. My neck is also getting conditioned as I had no pain whatsoever on Monday, unfortunately, I could not make the Lamb of God show, you know I have to work. So I sold my two tickets to my good buds from Hair Metal Karaoke….Speaking of Karaoke, I believe that “don’t stop believing” should be banned at all Karaoke nights.  I want more Judas Priest, Maiden, Kix, Brittany Fox, and Ozzy. I sat through a night of Karaoke a few months ago and heard Journey’s Opus 7 times! You’ll find me fingernails are still imbedded underneath that chair as sat there and had to endure it.  But I stayed because my time was up next, trust me, when I get up to do my shit, I am the master of clearing any floor, I know  I’m singing to a crowd that has no idea who Firehouse, or Winger, or White Lion are (and for good reason) but I make it a plan every week to sing the cheesiest hair metal song. There are a couple of tunes that any age will get up to and hoot over and they are:

Pour Some sugar on me – Def Leppard
Every Rose has its thorn – Poison
Signs – Cat Stevens…er….Tesla
Sweet Child o Mine – GnR
Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
You Give Love a Bad name – Bon Jovi
Welcome to the Jungle – GnR

So here are some good Karaoke nights and venues that have decent hair metal and if you’re lucky you’ll hear moi.

Tues.  The Reef   (great selection of beers and Karaoke, just make sure Sinbad sees you tip, and you’ll get on pretty quick)

Wed.  Nolans 

Thurs. Millie n Als

Fri n Sat.  Peyote Cafe –  I went and heard Journey 4270 times one night
NEW MUSIC:  (not much)

Machine Head-The Blackening


Clutch – From Beale St. to Oblivion

Metal Shows around town:


Last night: Funny Money (lead singer of Kix’s band) 14.00  Cobra kisses, Baby Jane, Dopefly
Sat: Bella Morte/Envy Insane 12.00

Unfortunately for all you Ron Keel of Keel he cancelled probably on a drunk binge. ha ha ha ha


Apr. 2 Down   25.00

Sonar Takes the cake on metal in the area for next few months expect huge shows that I’ll post and remind you later but these are going to sell out. Just amazing, Damn you B’more and rising gas prices!!!!!!!!!

930 should do this shit: have an insane death metal show followed by infamy! Except its B’more and you have one of the deathiest bands on earth playing right before Taxlo, so I guess your roving reporter Andy will see how many of my fellow “heads” stay around to sets by Presets, Blur and Bloc Party….

Apr. 27 Cannibal Corpse 6:00 door open   17.00   followed by Taxlo
Apr. 29 Dimmu Borgir/Unearth/Devildriver (one of my all time bands) 25.00

May 6 Type O negative/Celtic Frost/Brand New Sin  (an insane show)
May 23 Mastodon, along with their side bands

May 25-27 Maryland Deathfest  (I’ll be dead after this show)  25th is actually a pre party show but 40 for Sat pass 70 for both Sat and Sun

Until next week my people, devil Horns raised,