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Wham bam thank you ma’am, here’s another installment of The Lair from BYT’s favorite bouncer/gym rat/dad/metal head Andy. As usual there will be no mention of The Concretes, Cat Power or Camera Obscura. Enjoy. -cale

Holy Hell people! How’s it going? Pretty good I hope? Let me just say that 99.5% of my new music listening happens when I’m popping a vein doing t bar rows, or preacher curls. I honestly give my reviews based on if a riff or a song can take me into a self moshing mode to new intensity in the gym. I made the mistake of bringing in Nightwish’s new one a few months ago, they had a great female singer who left the band right before they were going to have their first tour in the States. So a new male singer was found and it just puts you to sleep, I had no energy in the weightroom so therefore I played them to my son for soothing bed time tunes. My alltime lifting tunes are listed and they’ll help you too….I’ll give you 10 songs that you must put on any mp3 player in the weightroom or the treadmill etc… drum roll please:

Fuckin Hostile – Pantera

Mouth for War – Pantera

Nothings Wrong – Devil Driver

Halo – Soil

Disposable Heroes – Metallica (back to the front)

Hangar 18 – Megadeth

Spirit in Black – Slayer

Funeral Bell – Black Label Society

Black Label – Lamb of God

Damage Inc. – Metallica

Among the Living – Anthrax

damn! that’s 11, oh well! Just make sure you warm up.

New Music this week:

Daath – hinderers

funeral – from these wounds

Merciless Death – Evil in the Night

Nailed – A PURE WORLD IS A DEAD WORLD (I can’t wait to listen to whole album)

Onslaught – Killing Peace

lots of outstanding concerts this week!

Mar.22 15.00 before 18 at the door Trouble, King Giant, Earth Ride, Lord.

Mar.23 Apex booking night bunch of local bands

Too bad I’m working… love all these bands:

Mar. 24th 15 before 18 at the door

Fu Manchu, Seemless, Valient Thorr, Spilt, Rezin at 6:30

Mar. 25 18 before 20 at the door “Metal For the Masses Tour” The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, Into Eternity, Scar Symmetry

Mar. 26 Slipknot really stole their gimmick not the other way around. Mushroomhead, Human Abstract

930 Club

Mar. 26 Lamb of God, Machine Head, Trivium (possible review and interview coming) Sold Out

Rams Head Live (B’more):

Mar. 24 Black Label Society, Sancitity,

Black Cat: (rubbing eyes!) yes a metal night at Black cat Sun. Mar. 26

One of the Areas Best DJ’s Stereo Faith puts down the Electro and cranks up the metal n punk for Tattoo Paradise’s grand opening bash with cover band Highwire http://www.myspace.com/highwirerocks I’m always stoked when “The Cat” has or showcases metal but sadly I’ll be at Dark Tranquility and The Haunted show…but all should make it after Sunday Mass.

Until next week folks…keep on raging the slab!