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Once again, Rock and Roll Hotel bouncer Andy weighs in on the current metal scene. I know, I used to be scared of him too, but the man would take a bullet for us skinny ass hipsters any day. Enjoy! -cale

Hello everyone out in Byt land! Are ya ready? It’s time to throw out the vinyl, put down your PBR, and crank up the Metal to Eleven!

Currently head banging and WOW! my neck and upper back are still uber sore from Slayers show last Tuesday. What a timeless band. Ok, maybe they are getting old, but goddamn can those grand-dads still rock the house down.

Slayer lead singer/bass player Tom Araya may be resembling the late Saddam in the beard department these days, but that distraction was quickly forgotten when some bats from hell came flying out of that sucker during Reign in Blood.

I saw some of you BYT readers there, but for those who missed it, here’s the set list:
God hates us all
War Ensemble
Christ Illusion
Die by the Sword (my fave)
Spirit in Black
Chemical Warfare
Mandatory Suicide
Seasons in the Abyss
Flesh Storm
Post Mortem
Dead Skin Mask
Trilled (clocking in at what seemed like 10 blood curdling minutes
Reign in Blood
and finally Angel of Death

They warned us all they’ll be swinging by the area at the end of the year.

Evil Disco kicked ass once again, guitar hero, Jameson shots, lost purses, drunk chicks, partial stripping, band members in attendance, and some old drunk dudes in suits (who fucking put a damper on the night by bumping into the fire alarm). But still an overall goodnight of debauchery. If John Bonham’s ghost were to be anywhere it should haunt the hell out of Evil Disco. Minus the Shark.

I want to appologize for not including the Municipal Waste show that was on Fri in Bethesda. They kick ass live.

New Metal dis week…hopefully better than lasts



OK the record industry this week went on a tribute tear hiring all has-been 80’s artists and choral members to sing (and Pluck) the songs they loved asa kid.

Ozzy Tribute:

Madmen of Ozz: The Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne

Nine inch Nails Tribute: Rockabye Baby! Lullaby reditions of Nine Inch Nails (I’ve heard of everything now)

Judas Priest Tribute : On your knees, the Tribute to Judas Priest

Dream Theatre Tribute: String Quartet Tribute to Dream Theatre ( I don’t want to even see the fingers on these people after pulling this one out)

Gallhammer: The dawn of Gallhammer

Cradle of Filth: Maximum Filth

Xasthur: Xasthur

Korn: Mtv unplugged

Jesu: Conqueror

Helloween: Keeper Of The Seven Keys * The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006

– Live On Three Continents (2 CD)

Goddess of desire: Awaken Pagain Gods

Catamenia : winternight tragedies

Bands I reccommed to you that guarantee to make your ears bleed.

Vader: http://www.vader.pl/glowna-e.html

Tankard: http://www.tankard.org/

Bolt Thrower: http://www.boltthrower.com/

Immortal: www.immortalofficial.com/

Bloodlines: www.bloodlinesband.info

Shows you might want to check out before you slip and fall into the next lair….

Jaxx (in Springfield)

Fri. Mar. 2: Unleased, Krisium, Belphegor 20 before show 23 day of Sat. Mar. 3rd….Metal Battle of the Bands 10 bucks before show 12 day of Sun. Mar 4th….Anal Cunt, Three faces of eve, murderwalk, open eyes azrael 6 other bands 10 in advance 12 day of.

9:30 Club

Killswitch Engage/Dragonforce, Chimaira …sold out!

Rams Head live (it’s in B’more)

Sat. Mar. 3rd Cradle of Filth, 69 eyes, 3 inches of blood 20 bucks before 22 day of

Have a great bloody week people!

with Devil Horns Raised,