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Andy's Metal Lair So Rock and Roll Hotel boucer and dancing machine Andy suggested starting a new heavy metal music section on BYT.  Here at BYT we don’t know anything about metal.  So we made him write it.  Enjoy. -cale

Hello my skinny indie buds…. how the hell is it shaking? With devil horns I hope!!  Judas Priest has a new fan and that is my daughter Orenda! I’m in my car taking her to ballet (isn’t that so Metal?) well anyways I’m playing an all metal mix (what else right?) and “Living After Midnight” comes on.  Usually I can feel her feet tapping the back of my seat when she likes the song, I started feeling it and I turned down the volume really quick (it was set to 11) and for that micro second I heard a “Living” – I’m so proud I have tears.  Well since our last time together I ventured around to a couple of events in the tri state area. Evil Disco ruled again at Wonderland Ballroom! I loved the guitar hero competition – the last two dudes in the finals were dead even until the one guy’s forearm must’ve given out cuz he got schooled during “Freebird”. All I can say is MAIDEN has a home at Evil Disco, rock on that shit!! Monday Jan. 22 I went to see one of my top 10 bands, Three Inches of Blood, at Jaxx, which I’ll be interviewing in March when they swing back into Baltimore. So make sure you tune in for that.  They played a 50 minute set, ending it with their three best known songs “Crazy Nights”, “Deadly Sinners” and “Destroy the Orcs”. They’re unique in that they have 2 lead singers one looks like a bastard spawn of Zakk Wylde & Bruce Dickinson with the vocal range of Rob Halford, and the other singer in a hoodie doing growling and guttural. Check out their website: http://www.3inchesofblood.com/

A handful of new albums have been released since the last time you got thrown into The Lair.  I was highly anticipating Atrocity’s Contaminated, and it’s a beast, aggressive pantera-esque vocals, tight guitar work, my fave so far into 2007.  If those out there like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and the thrash style you should check out re-releases by Atrophy. Although they never really made it big they were very popular in the underground scene in the late 80’s. Their two re-releases were Socialized Hate and Violent by Nature.  More new releases include the Greek black metal band Dodsferd, (who show us that not all good black metal has to come from Norway), Downlord, The Everscathed,  Gorguts,  Grave, Grave Digger, Katatonia, Khallice, Khymera, Necrodemon, Pain of Salvation, 69 Eyes and get this, the all chick hair metal band Vixen put out a new album. I think they’re all grandmas now so I hope they do not break a hip if they go out on tour!

Some great DVD’s were released recently too, we had Sabbath’s In their own words, Iron Maiden – The History of Fear (unofficial) and Death on the Road (official), Led Zeppelin – Closer to Heaven, Thrash Legends Obituaries – Frozen Alive which was shot at a concert in Poland, and Guns n Roses – DVD Collection.

Upcoming Shows:

Jaxx is on a hardcore thing with

Thur, Feb. 1 Merrauder from Brooklyn 12.00

Fri, Feb. 2 Local bands 10.00

Sat, Feb. 3 If I’m not working will be checking out Sanctuary one of the best Maiden cover bands of all time – even the band gave them a metal up the irons!

Sun Feb. 4 Sworn Enemy, kataklysm and more hardcore action

But God Damn Feb and Mar are pretty fuckin sweet when it comes to shows in the area:

Feb. 17th 930 Club…Mastodon, priestess

Feb. 18th Jaxx Kittie w/walls of Jericho

Feb. 19th 930 Club…Slayer w/Unearth

Feb. 20th 930 Club…Slayer w/Unearth

Feb 23rd Jaxx All that Remains

Mar. 21 Zakk Wyldes Black Label Society (only 49 tix remain)

Mar 22 Trouble

Mar. 24 Fu Manchu, Valient Thorr, Artimus Pyledriver. Amazing fucking 2 days here

Mar. 25 Jaxx Dark Tranquility, The Haunted, Into Eternity

Mar. 26 930 club Lamb of God, Machine Head, Triviumallica I mean Trivium, and Gojira

Devil horns raised as I just bit the head off a fuckin bat,