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As the reality that winter is coming sets in we are all frantically trying to take advantage of the current weather and participate in as many outdoor activities as we can. Well, there is no better outdoor activity than day drinking and we have found the perfect spot: Victura Park, a pop-up outdoor wine bar and café at the Kennedy Center. Overlooking the Potomac with views of the majestic Kennedy Center, this pop-up is exactly what 2020 needs. We interviewed the team behind Victura Park, restauranteurs Eric and Ian Hilton and chef Erik Bruner-Yang to get you all the details behind this project.


What was the inspiration behind Victura Park? 

Victura Park is a winery inspired space designed for friends and family to come reconnect in a safe and open air environment. It is named after John Kennedy’s beloved sloop, The Victura. 

We want guests to have a place in the city where they can go to relax over drinks and delicious food. There’s no need to drive hours outside the city when there is such a beautiful space right here at the REACH at the Kennedy Center.

Pets, kids and guests of all ages are welcome! Everyone should come out and take advantage of the gorgeous landscape and sculptures. 

We love the beer and wine offerings at Victura Park; are you also serving food?

Yes, we have snacks such as a cheese plate and olives that focus on the winery inspired atmosphere. We want to provide guests with the food and drinks options that compliment the gorgeous landscape at the REACH.

We also have entrees which are a part of the “Family Meal” program.  The Family Meal at the Park is an ever-changing series of themed cuisine curated by chef Erik Bruner-Yang. We started off with BBQ, then switched to Mediterranean dishes and now we are doing burgers! The menu is small, but does always include a vegetarian item. It will definitely change again shortly. That’s part of the fun. Not knowing what might be next!


Can you bring your own food? 

Yes. Outside food is allowed while outside drinks are not allowed. But once you’ve experienced all the delicious eats at the Park, you wouldn’t want to. Let us do all the prepping and cooking for you!

How did you choose the location for this pop-up? 

We had always planned to team up with Chef Erik Bruner-Yang to open a restaurant at the REACH, but when the city started to close down because of the virus, we began talking to the Kennedy Center about using the outdoor areas for Victura Park.


How long will this pop-up last? 

Being an outdoor space, we are a bit at the mercy of the weather/seasons. We would like to provide guests with this space for as long as we can. We are definitely open for September and hopefully into fall as well! In fact, we’re planning Oktoberfest themes as we speak.