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The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox featuring special guest Lorena (Bobbitt) Gallo will be at Death Becomes Us True Crime Festival in D.C. this weekend. Get your tickets here!

When I met Amanda at Death Becomes Us NYC, my first thought was, “She’s a little wacky in a way that speaks to me because I myself am strange and unusual,” (shoutout to Beetlejuice). The more I learned about Amanda, whether in conversation or via the ol’ Internet (she likes making hats!), I liked her even more.

What really sold me (not that I needed to be sold) was the love she has for her cats. If you’re a pet owner and you love that animal with the white hot passion of a thousand suns, then there will always be an empty seat next to me.

I asked Amanda if she could send over a photo of herself with one of her cats and answer a few questions.

Brightest Young Things: Pet’s name?
Amanda Knox: Mr. Fats

BYT: Why did you choose that name?
AK: Originally, Mr. Fats’ name was Gomez. But over time, because of his gluttonous tendencies (he’s greedy for treats and cuddles!), a good friend of mine nicknamed him Fat Fat. Fat Fat turned into Fats, and Fats turned into Mr. Fats.

BYT: Where did you get Mr. Fats?
AK: Where I get all my animals: the animal shelter!

BYT: What is your pet’s favorite true crime movie, podcast or book?
AK: Mr. Fats is not much of a movie or podcast person, but he loves books. Specifically, he loves to lay on any book I happen to be reading!