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This is an addendum to our well meaning and tres classy Art Up for March posting that no one seemed to care about.

This time, we will stop being delusional and face the facts: if we promise you nOOdz (on top of art/music etc…not to mention free beverages OF ANY KIND), chances are you all may feel inclined to attend (even if it is in the middle of Gtown:

courtesy of Mid-Atlantic art news:
On Friday, March 16, 2007,

the five Canal Square Galleries in Georgetown (Parish, Alla Rogers, Rebecca Cross, Anne Fisher and MOCA DC)
have their usual 3rd Friday Georgetown openings and MOCA DC is hosting its Erotica 2007 show opening starting at 6 pm until the beer and wine runs out.

They will also have a nude body painting event
(three females and three males-and we always supported equal opportunity art nudity, so we salute the symmetry of the schedule) as part of the festivities.

Oh yeah! The event is free and open to the public

(WHICH, is you)