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Funny Human time, friends! Let’s get to know Allen Strickland Williams, a super funny LA-based standup comic who you may recognize from his appearance on Conan or from his work with the sketch group Women! Let’s watch that Conan appearance now, which originally aired a few months ago:

We’ve already met one of Allen’s cohorts in Women, Jake Weissman, in an earlier edition of the column. Here’s a clip they both feature in, and is a great example of the groups balance of the cinematic and the childish. I like Women a lot and you will too!

Here’s a clip from a segment called Joke/Off, from a show called Early Late Night with Raf Esparza, where Allen squared off in a joke writing contest against Jeff MacKinnon! Who wins? Tune in to find out!

After watching those jokes, I shouldn’t have to tel you that Allen’s great at Twitter, right? Follow this man if you like well crafted nuggets of cleverness and fun. Here are some examples:

Before we go, let’s watch another Women clip featuring Allen in perhaps his greatest role within the group. This clip is a true roller coaster ride of emotions, and should launch you on a Women bingewatching session that will sustain you until next week’s column!