All Access Photo Pass: Bentzen Ball 2016
BYT at large | Nov 1, 2016 | 9:21AM |

Photos by Clarissa Villondo, Nicholas Karlin, Jeff Martin, Franz Mahr

Bentzen Ball this year was SPOOKY / SCARY / HILARIOUS / WONDERFUL. More of you came out to it THAN EVER and our photographers submitted more photos of it THAN EVER.

We’ll let you enjoy the photos below  but first some quick notes:


  • Thank you all for coming!!!!
  • Thank you to all our amazing (and frankly, legendary) talent: Tig Notaro (officially DC’s comedy BFF and our festival curator), Bridget Everett, TJ Miller, Emo Phillips, Michael Ian Black, Aparna Nancherla, Lizzy Cooperman, Baron Vaughn, Dave Hill, Seaton Smith, Jon Dore, Melissa Villaseñor, The Last Podcast On the Left, Jason Weems, Umar Khan, Brandie Posey, Eric Dadourian, Mike Mayfield, David Ross, Jordan Levine, Jamie Noguchi, Chuck Bryant, Josh Clark, Anthony Atamanuik, Earth Universe, Wham City, Church Night, John F. O’Donnell, Dave Hill, Amber Nelson, Lee Camp,  Leah Bonnema, Brian Parise, Andrew Knox, and everyone at Story District.
  • Thank you to all our staff for kicking ass on no sleep this weekend.
  • Thank you our venues: Lincoln, Howard, DC Improv, Kennedy Center, Howard Theatre, Drafthouse Comedy, and Sixth & I.
  • Thank you to Rock the Vote for being our non-profit partner and for everything you do, especially this year. GO VOTE.
  • Thank you to Heineken  for presenting all our Lincoln shows and keeping the Bentzen Ball dream alive.
  • Thank you to Nando’s for partnering up with us for the amazingly wild and weird YOUR SPICY PLACE show, outfitting the Lincoln Theatre with some beautiful decorations, and providing loads of delicious chicken for our hungry comics and loads of vegan options for Weird Al.
  • Thank you to Lyft and W Hotel DC for sponsoring the festival and keeping us well rested (well, well rested enough) and for motoring us around. If you are signing up for Lyft, use the code BYT this weekend and get $10 off five rides.
  • Thank you to OM Digital for being the best photobooth int he world.
  • Thanks to Whole Foods, Ben & Jerry’s, Wigle Whiskey, Health-Ade Kombucha, Confluence Coffee Co., Herbivore Botanicles, and Kramerbooks for being lovely and supporting the festival.
  • Follow us on follow us on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM and use #BentzenBall and #BYThings ALL THE TIME.
  • Thank you thank you thank you and SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!
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We have a full, big shiny set of our super sold out opening night with Tig Notaro, Aparna Nancherla and Lizzy Cooperman RIGHT HERE:



Friday kicked off with a White House tour. Thank you for having us!

Bentzen Ball Day 2-35

Bentzen Ball Day 2-33Bentzen Ball Day 2-32

Bentzen Ball Day 2-7

Bentzen Ball Day 2-46Bentzen Ball Day 2-44Bentzen Ball Day 2-43Bentzen Ball Day 2-41Bentzen Ball Day 2-39Bentzen Ball Day 2-38Bentzen Ball Day 2-37Bentzen Ball Day 2-34Bentzen Ball Day 2-31Bentzen Ball Day 2-30Bentzen Ball Day 2-28Bentzen Ball Day 2-6Bentzen Ball Day 2-5

then, it was onto a bunch great shows: Picture This! and Baron Vaughn at Millennium Stage, John Dore at Drafthouse Comedy and Bridget Everett at Lincoln.

We’ll share those in chronological order: jokes and drawings of Picture this! first:

102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_018_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_026_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_037_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_040_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_056_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_001_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_059_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_068_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_081_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_083_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_096_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_099_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_101_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_117_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_118_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_121_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_123_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_136_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_151_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_196_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_200_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_201_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_209_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_286_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_299_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_302_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_304_F

and then Baron Vaughn, with Brandie Posey opening at Terrace:

102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_092_F

102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_007_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_038_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_051_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_043_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_057_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_060_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_078_F102816_Bentzen Ball_Baron Vaughn_079_F

102816_Bentzen Ball_Picture This_161_F

things were funny and weird over at Drafthouse:

DrafthouseJohn DoreJohn DoreJohn Dore

meanwhile, over at Lincoln, we were prepping for the hurricane that was Bridget Everett (with Jason Weems hosting, and Michael Ian Black and Melissa Villasenor as the special guests/openers). If you are wondering what that super alienating pre-show spectacle was: it was Motherknuckle (we know, we know).

Bridget Everett Pound It

Bentzen Ball Day 2-51

Bentzen Ball Day 2-56

Bentzen Ball Day 2-52

Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bentzen Ball Day 2-47Bentzen Ball Day 2-53Bentzen Ball Day 2-55Bentzen Ball Day 2-57Bentzen Ball Day 2-59Bentzen Ball Day 2-63Bentzen Ball Day 2-64Bentzen Ball Day 2-69Bentzen Ball Day 2-70Bentzen Ball Day 2-74Bentzen Ball Day 2-75Bentzen Ball Day 2-76Bentzen Ball Day 2-77Bentzen Ball Day 2-79Bentzen Ball Day 2-80Bentzen Ball Day 2-81Bentzen Ball Day 2-83

Bentzen Ball Day 2-88Bentzen Ball Day 2-84Bentzen Ball Day 2-86Bentzen Ball Day 2-87Bentzen Ball Day 2-89Bentzen Ball Day 2-90Bentzen Ball Day 2-91Bentzen Ball Day 2-92Bentzen Ball Day 2-94Bentzen Ball Day 2-95

Bentzen Ball Day 2-93Bentzen Ball Day 2-97Bentzen Ball Day 2-99Bentzen Ball Day 2-101Bentzen Ball Day 2-102Bentzen Ball Day 2-103Bentzen Ball Day 2-104Bentzen Ball Day 2-106Bentzen Ball Day 2-107Bentzen Ball Day 2-111Bentzen Ball Day 2-113Bentzen Ball Day 2-117Bentzen Ball Day 2-118Bentzen Ball Day 2-120Bentzen Ball Day 2-121Bentzen Ball Day 2-122Bentzen Ball Day 2-124Bentzen Ball Day 2-125Bentzen Ball Day 2-126Bentzen Ball Day 2-136Bentzen Ball Day 2-137Bentzen Ball Day 2-138Bentzen Ball Day 2-139Bentzen Ball Day 2-141Bentzen Ball Day 2-143

Bridget Everett Pound ItBentzen Ball Day 2-145Bentzen Ball Day 2-147Bentzen Ball Day 2-150Bentzen Ball Day 2-151Bentzen Ball Day 2-152Bentzen Ball Day 2-154Bentzen Ball Day 2-155Bentzen Ball Day 2-156Bentzen Ball Day 2-157

Bridget Everett Pound It

Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBentzen Ball Day 2-158Bentzen Ball Day 2-164Bentzen Ball Day 2-167Bentzen Ball Day 2-171Bentzen Ball Day 2-172Bentzen Ball Day 2-174Bentzen Ball Day 2-175Bentzen Ball Day 2-178Bentzen Ball Day 2-179Bentzen Ball Day 2-181Bentzen Ball Day 2-182Bridget Everett Pound It

Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bridget Everett Pound ItBentzen Ball Day 2-183

meanwhile, backstage:

Bentzen Ball Day 2-186Bentzen Ball Day 2-187Bentzen Ball Day 2-188Bentzen Ball Day 2-190Bentzen Ball Day 2-193Bentzen Ball Day 2-195Bentzen Ball Day 2-196Bentzen Ball Day 2-197Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bentzen Ball Day 2-185Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

then, everyone convened at Root Cellar for an after hours hang:

Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bentzen Ball Day 2-199Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bentzen Ball Day 2-200Bridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound ItBridget Everett Pound It

Bentzen Ball Day 2-201


Saturday, is traditionally, the busiest show day: afternoon kicked off with a very sold out Last Podcast On The Left at DC Improv, and continued with the very sold out STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW at Lincoln and John F. O’Donnell shows at DC Improv, as well as Mock the Vote at Sixth and I. Plus, late night got extra weird, and spicy with the free Journey To Your Spicy Place show at Lincoln, brought to you by our friends at Nando’s.

But, lets start from the top:

You guys LOVE Last Podcast On The Left. LOVE THEM:

The Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the LeftThe Last Podcast on the Left

Bentzen Ball Day 3-8

Bentzen Ball Day 3-9Bentzen Ball Day 3-7

and while those dudes stopped by Jack Rose for some fine whiskey and beer sampling:

Bentzen Ball Day 3-17Bentzen Ball Day 3-16Bentzen Ball Day 3-15Bentzen Ball Day 3-12Bentzen Ball Day 3-11

Bentzen Ball Day 3-14

the rest of the shows were getting under way:

Here is JFOD getting ready for his special:

John F. O'Donnell One-Hour Stand Up Special TapingJohn F. O'Donnell One-Hour Stand Up Special Taping

and then, the actual special taping:

John F. O'Donnell One-Hour Stand Up Special TapingJohn F. O'Donnell One-Hour Stand Up Special TapingAmber NelsonDave HillJohn F. O'DonnellJohn F. O'DonnellJohn F. O'Donnell

While we celebrated the Halloween pre-election weekend at Sixth and I at Mock the Vote:

Bentzen Ball Day 3-42Bentzen Ball Day 3-40Bentzen Ball Day 3-33Bentzen Ball Day 3-29Bentzen Ball Day 3-28Bentzen Ball Day 3-27Bentzen Ball Day 3-23Bentzen Ball Day 3-22

Over at the Lincoln, Stuff You Should Know guys talked grave robbing to a capacity audience, with Baron Vaughn and Lizzy Cooperman providing warm-up:

102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_099_F

102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_042_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_094_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_064_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_077_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_075_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_067_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_058_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_053_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_040_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_037_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_034_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_024_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_018_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_017_F102916_Bentzen Ball_SYSK_013_F

while outside, the line was already forming for The Spiritual Journey To Your Spicy Place, which was FREE courtesy of our friends at Nando’s PERi-PERi and featured the dream team of Last Podcast on the Left, Wham City, Church Night, Melissa Villasenor, Anthony Atamniuk as Donald Trump, Emo Phillips AND TJ Miller, who loves chicken and sauce but hates Halloween decorations (you’ll see what we mean)

YOUR SPICY PLACE (A Halloween / Election Nightmare Comedy Show)

Bentzen Ball Day 3-44

103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_169103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_168103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_151103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_150

103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_153102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_056103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_141102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_054102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_052102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_046102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_045

102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_040

102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_109102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_106

103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_148

Bentzen Ball Day 3-46

Bentzen Ball Day 3-65Bentzen Ball Day 3-63Bentzen Ball Day 3-62Bentzen Ball Day 3-53Bentzen Ball Day 3-52Bentzen Ball Day 3-50Bentzen Ball Day 3-49Bentzen Ball Day 3-47Bentzen Ball Day 3-45

Bentzen Ball Day 3-87

Bentzen Ball Day 3-92Bentzen Ball Day 3-91Bentzen Ball Day 3-85Bentzen Ball Day 3-79Bentzen Ball Day 3-78Bentzen Ball Day 3-74Bentzen Ball Day 3-73

Bentzen Ball Day 3-134Bentzen Ball Day 3-130Bentzen Ball Day 3-132

YOUR SPICY PLACE (A Halloween / Election Nightmare Comedy Show)

Bentzen Ball Day 3-119Bentzen Ball Day 3-93Bentzen Ball Day 3-117Bentzen Ball Day 3-116Bentzen Ball Day 3-112Bentzen Ball Day 3-106Bentzen Ball Day 3-99Bentzen Ball Day 3-100Bentzen Ball Day 3-97Bentzen Ball Day 3-96Bentzen Ball Day 3-94

Bentzen Ball Day 3-154Bentzen Ball Day 3-153Bentzen Ball Day 3-151Bentzen Ball Day 3-150Bentzen Ball Day 3-135Bentzen Ball Day 3-149Bentzen Ball Day 3-148

Bentzen Ball Day 3-147Bentzen Ball Day 3-145Bentzen Ball Day 3-138Bentzen Ball Day 3-136

Bentzen Ball Day 3-159Bentzen Ball Day 3-158

Bentzen Ball Day 3-220

Bentzen Ball Day 3-162Bentzen Ball Day 3-161Bentzen Ball Day 3-214Bentzen Ball Day 3-200Bentzen Ball Day 3-199Bentzen Ball Day 3-194Bentzen Ball Day 3-193Bentzen Ball Day 3-192Bentzen Ball Day 3-191Bentzen Ball Day 3-190

103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_134103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_132Bentzen Ball Day 3-124

Bentzen Ball Day 3-123

Bentzen Ball Day 3-86Bentzen Ball Day 3-122

(so many Trump supporters)

YOUR SPICY PLACE (A Halloween / Election Nightmare Comedy Show)

YOUR SPICY PLACE (A Halloween / Election Nightmare Comedy Show)YOUR SPICY PLACE (A Halloween / Election Nightmare Comedy Show)

Bentzen Ball Day 3-216

102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_006102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_125

YOUR SPICY PLACE (A Halloween / Election Nightmare Comedy Show)

Now, we KNOW you want to see what the backstage at this dream/nightmare looked like. So, come on back:

Bentzen Ball Day 3-120

Bentzen Ball Day 3-121

102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_044102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_043102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_037102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_034102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_029102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_026102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_021102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_015102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_119102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_099102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_095102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_086102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_083102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_077102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_075102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_073102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_061102916_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_058


We closed the festival in style: Weird Al at a live commentary screening of UHF (joined by Tig, Emo Phillips, Seaton Smith and Dave Hil) and Horror Stories with Story District over at Howard. It was THIS level of magical:

UHF Live Commentary!

But lets take a peek at the HORROR SHOW first, before we dive into Lincoln. Story District came back as a festival partner for the 2nd year with a perfect foil for Halloween: stories so scary they’re funny.

103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_067103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_075103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_078103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_112103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_113103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_120103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_133103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_130103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_144103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_145103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_147103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_148103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_150103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_161103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_166103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_167103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_195

103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_169

103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_196103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_203103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_211

103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_223103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_225103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_226103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_235103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_240103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_272103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_308103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_333103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_336103016_Bentzen Ball_Story Distrcit_Horror Show_340

Over at Lincoln…with TJ Miller having destroyed all our Halloween decorations, we had to whip out our Christmas supplies, but that’s ok with Al deserves Christmas every day:

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-1

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-5

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-2Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-68Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-4Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-7

WHAM CITY opened with a screening of Minority Report (their #1 favorite movie, #2 being UHF)

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-11Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-12Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-15Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-16Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-17UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-19Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-20

103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_078103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_063103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_058103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_057103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_010Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-22Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-24Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-29Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-30Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-31Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-32Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-33Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-35

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-56

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-42Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-44Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-37Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-38Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-39Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-40Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-45Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-47Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-48Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-52Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-54Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-60Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-62

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-55Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-57

103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_055103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_053103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_047103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_045103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_040103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_024Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-61

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!

103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_103UHF Live Commentary!

103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_145103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_139-Edit

meanwhile, backstage:


103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_156

103016_Bentzen Ball_UHF Live_147

UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-6UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!UHF Live Commentary!

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-67

then we took everyone to GWAR (for real):

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-3

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-69

Bentzen Ball Day 4 UHF-70