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Albus Cavus isn’t just a crew of graffiti artists. Albus Cavus is the bridge between the gallery and the street, the establishment and the underground, between childhood curiosity and adult creativity. And this is why you should support them by attending the non-profit’s 2010 GALA (in addition to the fact that it’s going to be a great party with great art, great music, great people watching…..)

For several years Albus Cavus has empowered artists, school kids and inmates at correctional facilities by building an artistic community that encourages expression- translating impulses into voices. The first step to taking control of your life and your neighborhood is often as easy as giving someone the forum to actualize ideas- and the first time we ever get the chance to bring our unique thoughts out of our heads and into the world is with a crayon and a piece of paper. Seeing a pink pony that breathes fire in your mind as a child and being able to show the world your unique perspective through doodling, builds the confidence in self that empowers people later on in life to contribute and develop ideas in a public forum.


Aside from promoting the works of its members and the merits of street art, Albus Cavus fills a void in public school arts funding and advocacy by offering after school classes and workshops to local students, exposing them to new forms of art and means of expression.

Through their classroom work, creative collaborations, and public art projects, Albus Cavus provides a valuable community service that highlights the positive aspects of the street art community, further gaining the respect of District residents and city officials who have viewed street art and its practitioners as the symbols and agents of urban blight.

In order to raise money for the spring semester of classes, Albus Cavus is staging a one-night art show and auction this Saturday at The Fridge. All proceeds of the auction will go towards scholarships, supplies, instructors and space rental.

We headed to the Freezer, a studio space associated with The Fridge that serves as an Albus Cavus clubhouse, workspace, and classroom to preview some pieces up for auction and talk about the artistic, educational, environmental and interpersonal aspects of their work.

Featured artists: Asad Walker (ULTRA), Alicia Cosnahan (DECOY), Beth Baldwin, Chanel Compton, Kevin Irvin (JAZIROCK), Peter Krsko, and Rosina Teri Memolo.




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