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Today we’re pumped to be premiering the 12-track debut LP from DOCTOR IMPOSTER (Brooke C. Vettese); full of undeniably catchy beats that draw on R&B, hip-hop and electro-pop vibes, the concept album explores the trajectory of female musicians in a still male-dominated industry.

“When I came up with the concept of DOCTOR IMPOSTER, I had come to a point in my life where I knew I should feel more confidence as a music professional. I was fed up with noticing I was being treated differently in every aspect of the industry, and day-to-day work,” says Vettese. “The album arc here is this seemingly fearless woman who is trying to play the ‘game’ of the music industry as it is laid out for women.”

She adds, “I’m proud of the depth that still comes through lyrically, despite this being a pop record. I’m a passionate feminist and still have fun with the music I make; I never take myself or my music too seriously,” she says.

The full-time musician has produced dozens of groups, and regularly (in non-pandemic times) performs with future-R&B group Cool Company, indie-folk band The Good Folks and prog-rock band Pinkie Promise. In terms of this project, she wrote, recorded, produced and mixed all the music for the album, and (with the exception of a few guitar parts and horn- lines) she played all the music on the record.

It’s a fantastic listen, so be sure to check it out below:


Featured photo by Nick Ciccone