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Northern Irish artist Alana Henderson has a brand new EP out TODAY, and to celebrate the release, she’s very kindly given us the below listening party! As you check out all four tracks from Museum, go ahead and climb inside Henderson’s brain via the backstories she gave us for each one. You can also stay up to date on her website, FB and IG, and download a copy of the EP right here.


Museum is based on relationships in their various stages of evolution. You have the falling in love, falling apart and looking back.

Let This Remain

Let This Remain is essentially about casual sex or engaging in a relationship on purely physical terms. The chorus “but you could be the only one I don’t regret…yet” is about trying (and failing) to stay unemotional and unattached.

On Board

The song is about dropping your guard enough to let love in. It’s a kind of battle of wills between someone who feels unsteady and afraid to risk hurting or being hurt in love and someone who is fit for that challenge and very persuasive!


It comes from that slightly manic place just before a relationship has developed. The song is built on nervous energy, excitement and possibility, flying in the face of past experience and better judgement.