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“Dragons” has a timeless quality. It’s a song that sounds like its been around forever with production that nods to the acts that shined a light on the San Francisco psychedelic sound of the 60s. Multiple guitars (or is it some instrument you haven’t thought of since grade school music class?) meld with a laid back drum beat, walking bass, 70s sounding synth and fuzzed out vocals going up and down scales. It’s a sonic walk through a flowery field.

That line about not knowing what instrument you’re hearing? I wrote that before I found out Agouti’s Carmen Caruso builds her own instruments. It makes sense. Familiar and unique, “Dragons” is a fine introduction to a band that will grab the attention of Tame Impala and Jefferson Airplane fans.

Agouti performs on Friday, January 18 at Thee Parkside in San Francisco