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Some mega-bummer news from DC9 this afternoon – the venue announced that it would be “hitting the pause button” after this coming Saturday, December 19th. (And it’ll be an all-encompassing pause, meaning there won’t even be takeout or delivery available after Saturday.) The decision comes as Covid ramps up and deep winter looms, and while it wasn’t an easy one to make, it made the most sense cost-wise to cease operations until March; as a venue, their insurance costs are even higher than your run of the mill restaurant or bar, and they feel that freezing activity for the time being will boost the likelihood that they’ll be able to survive.

They will be open this week, though, so be sure to show your support by ordering food, or at the very least send them off with well wishes.

This is a testament to the importance of supporting indie venues and local businesses, y’all. DC9 is not an anomaly.

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