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Can you name the first punk band ever formed? Unless your answer is “Death,” you’re probably wrong. (Sorry.) In the early ’70s, three teenage brothers formed what music historians are now crediting as the first ever punk group, though they disbanded before ever completing their first album. Why haven’t you hear of ’em? Blame it on the age of Motown. Decades pass and the Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and waves of punk come and go. Enter Death’s long lost ’74 demo tape, their (re)discovery and a BRAND NEW DOCUMENTARY, A Band Called Death (which, handily enough, premiers at AFI Silver this Friday on June 28 and runs for one whole week).

Since there’s nothing cooler than cool docs and being in the know and almost nothing cooler than being ONE OF THE FIRST to see a film, we’re giving away one pair of tickets–good to any screening.

TO WIN: Let us know what you’d call your own punk band. (I’ll go first: HATEBONER.) Winner will be notified by C.O.B. Thursday, June 27th. Be sure to include your email address and good luck.