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In search of interactive art installations this weekend?

On Saturday, October 31st, you can check out artist, educator and cultural organizer Ada Pinkston’s public participatory performance, Empty Pedestals; it’s taking place from 1-7pm at Emancipation Square in Lincoln Park, and it’s an invitation for everyday citizens and residents to share their perspectives on monuments and the future.

To get a feel for Pinkston’s important, thought-provoking work, read/listen to an interview she did with WBUR earlier this year, and check out this quick video from Monument Lab:

Empty Pedestals is part of the Shaping the Past  project, which is a partnership between the Goethe-Institut, Monument Lab, and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education).


Featured image via Goethe-Institut/Ada Pinkston