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Luxury Bus Service runs from Adams Morgan to Delaware Beaches

As the August heat advances its oppression, Washingtonians initiate their infamous flee from the capital to the coast. As temperatures rocket during the final weeks of summer, locals seem to gladly surrender the city to tourists. And while abandoning the District may be easy for the Lexus lobbyist set, a more coordinated effort is required by most urbanites who rely on rental cars and public transportation to get out of town.

Organizing a trip to the beach for most young Washingtonians requires either bumming a ride, convincing unwilling suburban friends to drive despite their hesitation to join a road trip, or paying high fees and gas for a rental car that will sit idle most of the weekend.

David Salie and his husband Mark Bromley began to understand the hassle of organizing their own beach trips more than ten years ago. While dating, the two could never seem to coordinate their two separate schedules with one car. Following a decade of wrangling, the two decided that a better solution needed to be found. After sharing their frustrations with another DC couple, Till Bruet and Jim Nastus, the four friends took advantage of an open market and drafted a business plan that would shuttle urbanites to the beach via a luxury bus service.

Rehobus, as the service is know, launched as a shuttle from Adams Morgan to Rehoboth Beach at the beginning of the summer. “There is an existing Greyhound line, but it takes eight hours and goes through Wilmington,” said Salie. In contrast, Rehobus travels the 120-mile beach trek directly – and with DirectTV. Laptops have access to power ports, which will soon be coupled with wifi access. And passengers have access to cocktail mixers, which they can couple with their own happy hour drinks served curbside.

Each Friday afternoon (service is also provided on Saturday mornings) Rehobus passengers gather at the 18th & U Duplex Diner in Adams Morgan for a pre-ride happy hour. The diner also options a special $8 “to-go” menu for those who wish to nosh on the bus. Once on board, passengers have access to XM Radio, satellite television with LCD monitors and a campy atmosphere that speeds the trip along.

As a gay-owned operation serving a largely-gay beach town, it can be expected that the Rehobus clientele is largely gay. “Some of our straight riders do appear at our bus stop a bit scared,” said Salie. “However, everyone arrives at their destination smiling.” Salie estimated that, at times, up to 50% of their passengers are straight.

Once in Rehoboth Beach, most destinations can be easily reached by foot from the bus stop in front of the town fire station. Rehobus offers connecting service to nearby Dewey Beach, and the company will help arrange a taxi for passengers traveling on to Bethany Beach. The bus line employs return service on Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings.

Round-trip tickets on Rehobus run $50, and discounts are offered for multi-trip packs and Saturday day-trips. Service continues through Labor Day, and reservations – though easy to come by – are recommended.

Rehobus – Luxury bus service to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

– Departing Adams Morgan (18th & U Duplex Diner) Friday evenings at 6:15pm
– Departing New York Avenue Metro Station (M Street Exit) Friday evenings at 6:45pm
– Departing Results Gym (U Street Location) Saturday Mornings at 8:00am
– Departing McPherson Square metro Station (15th Street between K & L Streets) at 8:15am

– Departing Rehoboth Fire Station Saturday Evenings at 8:00pm
– Departing Rehoboth Fire Station Sunday Afternoons at 5:00pm and 5:30pm

For more information and reservations, visit: http://www.Rehobus.com
Duplex Diner Rehobus Rehobus menu available at: http://www.duplexdiner.com/Diner_Sand_Page.html