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Lightfoot had their debut full band show this past spring and has been working hard since to release their first recordings “People Who Throw Kisses Are Hopelessly Lazy”. Lightfoot plans to release PWTKAHL in late August, but she is offering BYT a sample track.

Why is it you are just now releasing tracks to the public even though you have been gigging steadily all spring and summer?
I wrote a lot of material very quickly, mostly about my own life experiences. So, as I was coping with a lot of traumatic change in my life, my songs needed to take time to evolve and heal as well. I kept playing live shows because I still wanted those songs to be heard- it was therapeutic. I just only wanted them heard in a temporary, transient way. I finally reached a point of solace and closure with the sentiments of the songs on “People Who Throw Kisses Are Hopelessly Lazy” and I was ready for their permanence. Next thing I knew I was standing in a parlor with my band mates surrounded by microphones.

Tell me a little about the track Beaster?
Beaster started as a twangy riff on acoustic guitar that developed into this really big, brave sound. It combines ethereal harmonies with a sort of cataclysmic thrashing. I wanted it to deconstruct, to break down, and to strip bare at the end. I wanted the instruments and found sounds to be emotive. Beaster is a product of a gloomy winter and the effect that isolation, can have on the human heart.

Where did the name “Beaster” come from?
Ha, I think I’d rather keep that one to myself for now.

This track is a much bigger sound than the ukulele songs and 1950’s du-wop covers Lightfoot is known for, is this Lightfoot’s new direction?
Our direction is a full band sound in general. When I first started playing out as “Lightfoot” I was typically solo, so I made as much noise as I could alone. My band mates truly lift my songs to the full sound I hear in my head . Erik and I have started to write together as a team and our new material is reflective of this. I am blessed to have my best friends be my band mates and to have them understand so clearly what it is I want our sound to be. PWTKAHL chronicles my old taste in music. I’ve been exposing myself to so much new music lately and I think it’s really starting to influence my writing style. And! I hardly ever play my acoustic anymore, I’m a little obsessed with my electric and all the possibilities of pedals. All this experimentation is definitely going to alter the new material Lightfoot puts out. But I think that’s a normal evolution that bands undergo, it would be so boring to keep writing the same stuff over and over. I hope we keep growing as band.

Want more: Check out Lightfoot’s BLOG- http://hellolightfoot.com BANDCAMP-   http://lightfoot.bandcamp.com
STORE-           http://lightfoot.bigcartel.com MYSPACE-      http://www.myspace.com/lightfootva TWITTER-        http://twitter.com/hellolightfoot and see them live with The Deadmen @ RNR Hotel’s 4th year anniversary this Saturday