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The inimitable, hugely talented Ferras was in town recently for NYFW, and while our plans to meet up fell through, I was able to send him a couple of email questions to get more familiar with his music and what he’s all about! We talked creativity, fragrances, meditation and MORE, so read up on all of that below, and be sure to give his new single “Medicine” (FIRE DOT COM) a listen RIGHT HERE:

You fairly recently released “Closer”, and you JUST released “Medicine”; will those go on to be a part of a full-length? Or a new EP?

I think the attention span of today’s music listener is not what it was even 10 years ago, so probably an EP.

I think you mentioned that your 2014 EP was a reflection of songs you’d been writing over a span of five years, but how long had you been making music (or at least been interested in music) before that point?

I’ve been writing music since I was 5.  From the time I got home from school to 5 min before bedtime, I would be glued to the piano.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? And if so, what was that one about, and if you were old enough at that point to appreciate the sometimes daunting task of what it means to write a song, how did it feel to actually sit down and do it?

The first song I wrote was a song for my mom. There was a time when I was 5 that I was living with my father in the Middle East and my mom was in the U. S. – I was really missing her and went to the piano and wrote my first song for her. It was then that I realized how to create a song based on emotion. Songwriting was never daunting until recently, when the veil of illusion was lifted and I realized how much of a competitive and sometimes completely unfair business it can be.  That being said, it remains the most magical thing I know how to do.

I know you have a cleansing morning ritual that involves burning sage, meditating and writing in your gratitude journal. First, how long have you been doing all of that, and how do you find it’s influenced your creative process?

I’ve always been a spiritual junkie for as long as I can remember. When I was 11 I would sneak books on the occult into my house, and was always obsessed with learning as much as I could about spirituality. Over the years it’s taken on many forms for me, but presently I find meditation and affirmations to be the root of my spiritual practice. Meditating (specifically transcendental meditation) clears the mind, and allows me to tap into my own and the collective unconscious to become a channel for the flow of creativity. Thoughts, events of the day, traumas etc. cloud and obstruct the mind…meditation is the clearing process.

You’ve obviously played some amazing venues, but if you could play a show anywhere on the planet (or outer space) with zero logistical or financial limitations, where would THE ideal Ferras gig take place, and what would the production side look like?

A spaceship.  One of those multi-floor star-trek types.  A grand piano floating in the main “concert hall” with floor to ceiling windows on all sides revealing the beauty of space- and me, in full alien garb- floating in and singing.

I heard you’re super into fragrances; if you were to create a companion line for your music that people could smell for a heightened listening experience, what would the scents be like?

I love complex, rich smelling fragrances. None of this synthetic nasty headache inducing stuff. Honestly, I have so many ideas for what they would be, but I wanna save revealing what they are until they are.  I can say that they would take you on a journey and be more than a “perfume.” They would be sensory enhancers. I couldn’t figure out why I was obsessed with it fragrances so much until recently…when we smell certain things, they remind us of a memory.  Sometimes good memories, sometimes bad (hence us not “liking” a certain smell or absolutely loving it.) When these are “unlocked” we have a moment of deeper connection to who we are. The fragrance is the gateway into our deepest nature, desires and psyche. Music is literally the same concept. When we hear a song, it can take us back to some of the best or worst times of our lives. Same with scent.

Finally, what’s on the horizon for you from now until 2017? (Or beyond?) Do you have any goals left to check off your 2016 bucket list before we head into the new year?

I love traveling. I want to see and feel the whole world.