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Welcome to A Pumpkin A Day, our new series highlighting the finest in fake pumpkin flavors! Beginning mid-September and running through whenever grocery stores and cafes stop selling pumpkin flavored seasonal treats, we’ll highlight one pointlessly pumpkin product per day.

Aside from pie, I think loaf is the best adaptation of pumpkin, so this is promising. It’s hard to mess up produce based breads and Whole Foods has a pretty reliable bakery so my hopes are high.


The bread was delivered two days before we actually ate it, but it was still perfectly good. That”s nice to know because if you buy a pumpkin loaf you don’t want it to go off within 24 hours, then you’d have to throw it away and  that’d be a sinful waste because pumpkin is obviously a scare resource.

There are surprise raisins in the bread, but they work really well and add a nice change of texture. I think there are actually different types of raisins in there, as some were really dark and some were brown-ish. No golden raisins. Maybe they’re too summery. But still, two types of raisins is pretty fancy.

It’s the perfect amount spicy and the perfect amount pumpkin-y, with a really nice crust on top. The container is also cute and fall-inspired with a little pattern. You could set this out on a tray at a cocktail party and not be embarrassed, unless it’s embarrassing to have pumpkin loaf at a party. But that’s not a party I’d attend.
This is 10 out of 10 on all fronts except diabetes, I’d put that as a 2. I feel confident that I won’t get diabetes from a pumpkin loaf. It’d be really sad if I did.