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Do you enjoy strong smells? Do you like the feeling of not-really-baking-but-you-used-a-mixing-bowl-and-put-something-sweet-in-the-oven? If so, we have the perfect, seasonal, too sweet for its own good treat for you!


Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Scone Mix is quite possibly the easiest thing to ‘make’ from a box. Easier than mashed potatoes. Easier than mac and cheese. Too easy to be that good but way better than you’d expect from something that just needs water.


For both the scones and the frosting, all you need to do is add water, a good sign for people with minimal kitchen skills and a skeptical sign for anyone that bakes.

The frosting mix smell is really strong. Thankfully, the taste scales it back. But a little does go a long way.

Once you pop these in the oven and the baking odor takes over the kitchen, it feels like you’re in a commercial for Thanksgiving. Based on scent alone, this is most effective pumpkin spice product. Based on the actual product, absolutely not.


One of the best aspects of the mix is it’s easy to alter and not screw up. We added walnuts to some and those were the best of the batch. Dried fruits, specifically raisins, cranberries, apples, etc., would also give the scone more dimension. And you know what Trader Joe’s sells? Bags of dried fruits.


Our batch came out slightly undercooked, with a cake like texture that isn’t bad, but isn’t really a scone. It’s more like a drop biscuit.

If you like sugary and sweet, this is for you. If you’re kitchen ignorant, it’s a safe buy. If you’re someone that cares about baking, you’d never buy these anyway. Who cares about baked goods and considers a mix that just requires water?