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Last week we published our fall cocktails piece on The Royal. Since visiting the LeDroit Park restaurant and bar, we’ve been thinking about a specific liquor, their pumpkin amaro. Here’s what we wrote:

The cocktail list at The Royal should appeal to anyone that cares about mixology. But the real highlight is the house made amaro. New for fall is a house pumpkin amaro. Made with over 15 ingredients over 8 days, the powerful digestive is the star of the menu. Like Suh’s Open Sesame, I’m not going to find Carrell’s pumpkin amaro anywhere else.

The Royal Fall Drinks

We’re still thinking about it because it justifies the whole seasonal pumpkin gimmick. What The Royal has done isn’t a simple way to cash in on the fall season. This stuff isn’t going to fly off the shelves. Amaro ‘in’ right now. What Bar Manager Lee Carrell has created is temporary, seasonally appropriate and delicious. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. No batch will taste exactly like the current batch. Hell, there may not be a second batch.

Everyday I’m asked if we’re sick of all this pumpkin. Drinks like this are the reasons I’m able to say no. More pumpkin products like this, please.