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Welcome to A Pumpkin A Day, our new series highlighting the finest in fake pumpkin flavors! Beginning mid-September and running through whenever grocery stores and cafes stop selling pumpkin flavored seasonal treats, we’ll highlight one pointlessly pumpkin product per day.

I love chips made out of things other than potatoes, especially kale chips, so I’m very happy to move from sweet to savory and try out Terra’s Beauregard Sweets & Fairytale Pumpkins with cinnamon and nutmeg. I’m nervous about the spices, but it wouldn’t be pumpkin spice without them.


The name is a little pretentious, because why do we need to specify Fairytale Pumpkins? This just makes me feel like I’ve eaten Cinderella’s ride home from the ball; it doesn’t make me hungry.

At first bite, I was not into them. They kind of tasted like nothing, but then I crammed a couple more chips in my mouth and fell in love. They’re crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and remind me a lot of those cottage fries that are basically fresh fried chips that are still soft. I bet if you microwaved these for 30 seconds they would taste just like sweet potato cottage fries.


They’re just the right amount of spicy and not in a fake chemical way. It feels like a very natural combination. It does taste like fall.

Color wise, they really nailed the feel of fall, the beautiful burnt orange of the sweet potato and pumpkin mixed with the deep purple/red of the root vegetables looks like fallen leaves. Actually, the softness and crunchiness remind me of leaves as well. Who knew it would be so fun to eat fallen leaves?


In the half hour since I opened the bag I’ve eaten 3/4 of it. It’s absolutely delicious, but I could see a lot of people not liking it because of the softness of the chips and the spices. But if you like cottage and sweet potato fries then this might be right up your alley. I’m definitely going to go buy a bag when I get home.



Pumpkin essence – 6. I can’t tell the difference between sweet potato and pumpkin but that’s okay. It’s all good.

Mouthfeel- 10. Crunchy and soft.

Diabetes factor – 1. Tiny hint of sweetness, but I should be okay.

Right to exist – 10. These are amazing! If I were the Bachelorette I would give these chips my rose.

Feel of fall – 7. Look like fall, taste like fall, should not limit themselves to fall.