Welcome to A Pumpkin A Day, our new series highlighting the finest in fake pumpkin flavors! Beginning mid-September and running through whenever grocery stores and cafes stop selling pumpkin flavored seasonal treats, we’ll highlight one pointlessly pumpkin product per day.

Today we’re trying Garden of Eatin’s pumpkin corn tortilla chips and I’m not sure how to feel. On the one hand, I love corn tortilla chips, but on the other I’m not a fan of this company’s name because puns suck unless I make them. They smell like tortilla chips with a hint of spice, so I bet these will just taste normal and be fine.


The first bite overwhelmed me with pumpkin spiciness. It tastes so pumpkin spicy. I’m surprised. It’s way stronger than I expected.
The more I eat the more I like them. The more rapidly you eat them, the more they taste like normal tortilla chips instead of slightly pumpkin ones, but either way they’re fine. The pumpkininess isn’t bad, it’s just there. And that’s surprising since so many things that are supposed to be pumpkin spice are really not at all pumpkin-y.

I love corn tortilla chips so that’s a solid base for these. I feel like there needs to be something to dip them in but I can’t think what would go well with them. Probably hummus or soup. These would be nice with soup. Also probably if you just dipped them in cream cheese that would be fine.

I like that there are seeds in here. It makes the texture more variable and fun. No one note chips for us!img_6798-jpg

They taste sweet, but there’s only one gram of sugar per serving, so maybe I just associate pumpkin spice with sweetness which seems pretty logical.
Interestingly, the only spice in these is nutmeg, so maybe that is the pumpkin spice. Turns out it’s not, I looked it up. The real ingredients are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice, so they have 1/5 of the standard pumpkin spices and yet these taste very pumpkin spicy so maybe those other four are irrelevant. Maybe all we need is nutmeg and everything else is a lie.



Pumpkin essence – 4. Pumpkin is kind of lost in the mix of corn and nutmeg, but there’s a definite pumpkin spice presence.

Mouthfeel- 10. Nice thickness and texture. Good crunch.

Diabetes factor – 1. Tiny hint of sweetness, but I should be okay.

Right to exist – 5. Normal tortilla chips do the job, but these are fine. They’re not abhorrent, so they can exist.

Feel of fall – 7. They’re pumpkin spice, therefore they’re fall.