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The fine folks at Chobani want you to know this isn’t a seasonal offering. Chobani Pumpkin Harvest Crisp Flip is part of a, “limited batch.” This style of yogurt is different. It comes in batches. Like cupcakes. It’s special. It’s a unique product and should respected.


Flips are treats, right? Whenever there’s a treat element to a pre-packaged food product, it’s no longer a meal, right? It’s not breakfast since there’s added treats. Like candy. Most of these have candy in their side pocket. Candy is great. I am a fan of candy. No shade on candy. But candy isn’t supposed to be breakfast. Candy is a treat. Therefore, Flips (FYI, Flips is a trademarked name) is a treat.

None of that matters. This is about the yogurt. How the yogurt tastes and smells. Categorization shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to enjoying a product.

We’re not running a photo of the pre-mixed yogurt due to separation. It’s not fair. Yogurt separates and looks ugly. This is not a Chobani issue.

The first thing you’ll notice upon opening the yogurt is the flavor. The smells are muted but the flavors are not. It’s strong. It goes for it. And good for them. Why hide the thing you’re selling?

Do you like candied nuts? Do you want to eat sweetened legumes whenever you walk by those carts in New York City? If so, you’ll enjoy the candied nuts. Mix em in. Go nuts. This proves my initial thought that this is more of a desert than breakfast.


I have no desire to eat again but it’s not horrible. It’s pretty close to what’s advertised. I just don’t know why “flip” is in quotes.