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You should know by now that we love Gordi (Sophie Payten), and we were V. PUMPED that she was in NYC (AND DC!) for a few shows this summer. Now that she’s had a minute to recover from the stretch of tour dates, we went ahead and asked her a few questions to recap the experience, all of which you can internet-eavesdrop on below. (You should also grab a copy of Gordi’s very-newly-released LP Reservoir, which is an 11 track smash that very much deserves a spot in your record collection.) HERE WE GO:

I imagine it’s like choosing a favorite child, but what was your most memorable US show and why?

Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn in August 2017 – I was so surprised by the number of people there. I didn’t look up at the crowd until I started singing and I was so shocked by seeing all their faces I stumbled on the words.

Any songs that stood out as favorites to perform live?

My favourite songs to perform live are Myriad and Heaven I Know – they’re very emotion-ladened moments in the set.

Any notable fan/audience interactions?

One guy in Sydney comes to every show wearing a t-shirt that has a photo of the 2 of us printed on it from the last show. So now we call him The Inception Guy, it’s very meta – a photo within a photo within a photo etc. etc.

Hiccups are inevitable – any mini or mega disasters? And how’d you resolve?

There’s always hiccups! Probably the most mega disaster was when we were playing at Osheaga – it was the first show of the tour. We had to play a 30 minute set and usually you might go a minute or two over or under, but they cut the front of house sound off right on 30 minutes when we were a quarter of the way through the song. We didn’t realise because we were playing with in-ears, then finally we did and we just had to wave at the crowd and walk off!

Best thing you ate?

Philly Cheese Steak in Philly.

WORST thing you ate?

We bought these really terrible frozen taquitos from the supermarket in LA. I’m not sure why.

Weirdest thing you saw on the road?

Someone walking a pig in LA.

Place you wish you’d had more time to explore?

Washington, D.C.

Place you do NOT wish you’d had more time to explore, if any?

Buffalo, N.Y.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently about this tour?

I’d leave the bar we were in, in Brooklyn, 20 minutes earlier so the place that I wanted to get a pizza slice from was still open.

What would you do the same?

Go to the same bar in Brooklyn that we went to because it had complimentary Cheetos.

What was the first thing you did (apart from sleeping forever, I would imagine) when you wrapped the US dates?

Went out for a really nice brunch and watched Netflix.

Europe’s up next, but what else apart from more shows are you working on and/or excited about?

I’ve got a stack of new songs that I’m working on, so I’m really excited to start fleshing them out and see how they all fit together.