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Halloween is obviously gonna be different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still party safely! BentTV is putting on an extra-special virtual Halloween Live Scream from 9:30 Club on Saturday night, and you can tune in from anywhere via Twitch starting at 9pm ET. (It’s a benefit for BENT performers and the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) Save Our Stages Fund, so do consider making a donation if you have the means!) The evening will feature Lemz and Pussy Noir, with guest performances by Ana Latour, Blaq Dinamyte, Jaxknife Complex and JJ202. 

Wanna get a feel for the tunes you can expect? Lemz was so kind as to give us a sneak preview with a GHOSTLY GOGO playlist, which should most definitely lift your spirits on this dreary ass day; ft. everybody from Lady Gaga to Alice Glass to Princess Nokia, it is ghoulishly good. (CAN WE GET A HELL YEAH FOR THAT ASTRAL ALLITERATION VIBES.)

From Lemz:

“I’m really proud of this one. While the artists selected are mostly queer (or allies!), the glue here is it’s 13 tracks from the music we filmed our gogo dancers to. Consider it a peek behind the BENT curtain, and a slight taste of what you’ll be hearing me DJ on Saturday. I’ve lovingly curated them to sound cohesive in their order, to the point that the playlist can repeat and connect back to Track 1. Happy spooky music season everyone!”

Enjoy (IF YOU DARE), and set an alarm to tune into BentTV Saturday night!