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Back in May (which feels about a century ago by now) we premiered Glassio’s “Make No Mistake”, which, to quote myself, is “an airy, dreamy tune – melancholic but hopeful, contemplative but dance-worthy, minimal but meaningful.” It’s also a track off his debut full-length, For The Very Last Time, which is out TODAY! The LP is a fantastic listen, and I’d highly recommend grabbing a copy. (Bonus factoid: he’s donating half of all sales to the Black Mental Health Alliance until October 1st. You can also support the fundraiser without purchasing the record, but like, definitely still purchase the record.)

You can catch Glassio playing some of For The Very Last Time live for Bandsintown this afternoon (2pm ET), but in the meantime, check out this great playlist, “Songs That Make Your Living Room Feel Like A Valley”, that he made for us:

“I’ve been listening to these songs pretty consistently since things changed around the world in March. We’re all spending more time indoors and I often feel teleported to open fields anytime I play these songs/this playlist. I added a bunch of other songs to the mix and I think it works quite perfectly for sitting back in your living room, decompressing and imagining you’re in a completely different setting. Musically, it’s a mix of new-wave, soft-dance, and older singer-songwriter cuts. They all feel incredibly comforting and relaxing within the walls of my living space and I hope they do the same for you.”

We could all use living rooms that feel a little more valley-esque; these stressful and claustrophobic times kind of demand it. So go forth, decompress, and be sure to snag the record here!