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It’s National Orgasm Day. Guarantee you’ll have the best orgasm ever by going to a sex shop. We can not guarantee buying something from a sex shop will make you to have the best orgasm ever, but it couldn’t hurt, right? Unless you’re into being hurt. Then I hope it hurts. What I’m trying to say is surprise your sexual partner(s) (or yourself!) with a sexy gift.


  • Bite the Fruit – Located in the space that used to be Leather Rack, Bite the Fruit is an independent gay owned and operated sex shop that sells everything under the sun from apparel to CBT (cock and ball torture) devices to vacuum pumps. They have an incredibly wide selection, so this is the perfect place to go for hard to find items. FYI: The site does have NSFW photos, so unless you work somewhere really cool and laid back, you should probably browse it in the privacy of your home.

The Leather Rack

  • Comfort Zone – This College Park shop offers a mixture of lingerie, costumes, and the ever popular fetish wear. They also carry popular sex toy brands like Lelo, We-Vibe, Fleshlight, Screaming O (this one has the best name) and much more. You can also stock up on some makeup, massage oils, lotion, and candles while you’re here. One stop shopping at its best.
  • Sugar – You can always count on Baltimore to have cooler shit than DC and this is definitely true when it comes to their sex stores. Sugar is a lesbian owned and multi-gender operated sex shop that not only stocks a plethora of toys and accessories, but also offers classes and events like “Bottom’s Up: Anal Sex 101” and “Navigating Open Relationships with Reid Mihalko.” Learning is fun.
  • Secret Pleasures Boutique – If you want to go to cool and informative sex shop like Sugar, but you’re not interested in lugging your toys home on the Marc train, check out Secret Pleasures right on U Street. Like Sugar, Secret Pleasure sells toys and also holds workshops like “BJ’s the Right Way” and “Online Dating for Introverts, Geeks, Wallflowers, and Freaks.” They were also named the Best Boutique by AVN Magazine in 2015 and are the City Paper’s Readers Choice for the Best Place To Buy Fur Handcuffs. If you’re too nervous or embarrassed to ask questions while shopping they also have a really helpful blog where you can submit anonymous questions. Check out a story we did a story about them in 2010.


  • Le Tache – They have a fancy french name. People will be impressed when you name drop shopping at Le Tache and by people I mean your sexual partner(s). Do not tell strangers about where you shop for lingerie / toys / fetish wear. That’s weird and inappropriate. Keep it to yourself.
  • MVC Couples Boutique – This is La Tache’s sister store. It does not sound as fancy as Le Tache but it does sound more hardcore. Probably because MVC is pretty close to PVC. They basically have the same stock, so if stores with French names terrify you go here.


  • Night Dreams – This store has a weird name and all of the classic sex shop items like vibrators, bondage stuff, dildos, lube, whatever.
  • Lotus Blooms – While Lotus Blooms carries the popular brands of adult toys, the coolest thing about their shop is that they’ll help you with corset training and they guarantee that everything in their shop, including their lubes, body paints, massage oil, etc are 100% body safe. That is definitely something I can get behind.


  • Coup de Foudre – If you’re too cool for Victoria’s Secret, head on over to Coup de Foudre. This lingerie store carries exclusively European brands, but their stock ranges from lacy and intricate to everyday t-shirt bras. They have a range of sizes from 32A to 40G.
  • Le Bustiere – Unlike Coupe de Foudre, this store is simply European inspired (but don’t worry, your sex partner will probably still be impressed) It also specializes in both full figure and small sized bras.


  • Trousseau – What is up with all these French names? Any way, not only does Trousseau carry classic lingerie, they also have jewelry and a selection of bridal accessories. I don’t really understand how bridal shoes are different from normal shoes but whatever.
  • Abrielle – If you’re the kind of person who buys cute lingerie and fancy linens at the same time, then I guess go here, but more importantly I want to know more about you. Why do you need to buy these things at the same time? That seems weird right? Like if I’m shopping for sexy lingerie I am not going to buy linens. Linens are not sexy. Linens are practical. I just don’t get it.
  • Bloomers – If you don’t care about fancy lingerie then I don’t know why you’re reading this post, but I guess you should head on over to Bloomers. They carry a large selection of of bras, panties, and sleepwear, but nothing that’s too fancy to lounge around in.