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In honor of National Pet Day we’re publishing some of our favorite animal anecdotes. Wishing you and your hairy friend a happy holiday.

When Roux was a puppy I took him camping in deep southern Virginia. One morning I didn’t feel like making breakfast so I threw him in my Jeep and we went scouting for a home cooked southern breakfast. Doesn’t take long before we find an old vintage gas station converted into a mom-and-pop cafe.

I park my Jeep, tie up the pup, pull open the front door and I’m fully immersed in fried green tomatoes. My first visual inside is two women in their late-forties at a table with full glasses of red wine. It’s 9:30 a.m.

I place my order and take note of the Nature Boy Ric Flair autographed photos next to the register.

As I proceed to walk outside to find a table, one of the wine drinking women spots my pup outside and bolts out to meet him. She’s crouched down over my puppy and I’m taking in the morning air, sipping coffee and peering out across the road into clear blue sky. She asks me a question and I look down to make eye contact and I’m met with very large, exposed freckled breasts falling out of a loose blouse.

She peers up, sees my frozen expression, and we share an intense awkward moment while she adjusts her blouse. She thanks me for letting her pet my dog and walks back in to find her wine.