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Nate Lee is 11-years-old and has been playing drums for four years. His favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, The Misfits, Rush, Nirvana, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Van Halen, and The Clash. When he’s not drumming, he’s playing soccer. He also really likes roller coasters. We asked him to review the new Loud Boyz record Tough Love, Hard Feelings. You can tell Loud Boyz what you think of their new LP this Saturday, August 1 when they play DC9.


Good opener! I like the straightforward punk.

“Hard Feelings”

The drummer is good, I like the kick drum lines because they’re really fast.

“World Is A Cage”

Is that a double bass drum? I like the way he’s yelling in this one.

“Boyz Who Brunch”

What is he even saying? Brunch isn’t very punk.

“Loud Boyz In Love”

Super fast drumming!


I think they must like The Misfits.

“4 The Ladies”

Oh this is my favorite so far…it’s melodic, reminds me of The Descendents.


High energy!

“Casual Encounters”

The breakdowns in this one are really good.

“Loud Boyz Anthem”

I like the isolated drums in the beginning and letting the music build up in this – sounds awesome!

Final thoughts: I like it. I feel energized! I would recommend this to anyone who likes loud, fast punk!