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The whole point of a three day weekend is to have a third day of brunching. Yes, the act of eating brunch is now a verb. Here’s a list of some of my favorite veg-friendly brunch spots, which will be offering their brunch menus this coming Labor Day.

For the Best Bottomless Brunch: Ambar

Ambar, located both in Capitol Hill and Clarendon, offers one of the best bottomless brunches in town. Order as many small plates you can eat and as many cocktails as you want. My favorites from the menu are the Balkan bread pudding with aged cow cheese, milk and chili flakes, roasted mushroom crepes, a phyllo encrusted cheese pie with cucumber yogurt, and every single one of their waffles: strawberry, blueberry and poached pear. For drinks, you can choose from FIVE different kinds of mimosas, which is pretty awesome. I like to get one of each (no, I am not encouraging daytime intoxication…just sharing what I get) If want just one, get the mango mimosa. It’s delightfully tropical. The bottomless deal is only $39.


For a Georgian Cheese Brunch Experience: Supra

Supra is fabulous for all meals. They are most well-known for their khachapuri, a Georgia cheese stuffed bread. At brunch, they offer a breakfast khachapuri that is oozing with a cheese and potato filling and crowned with two fried eggs. Extra cheese, herbs and grilled onions flavor, texture and…even more cheesiness. With it get a order of garlicky potatoes, stewed red beans or yogurt with fruit and candied walnuts. If the cheese bread isn’t your jam, they also offer ricotta cheese pancakes and a cheese omelet. All the cheesy dishes (and other entrees) range from $12-$15.


For Brunch with an Asian Twist: Bird’s Eye

Many people don’t know this but during the day, Doi Moi runs a daytime eatery with all kinds of vegetarian treats, called Bird’s Eye. This Monday visit them for brunch and stuff your face items from their lunch or breakfast menu, which includes a Burmese egg sandwich featuring Lyon bakery toast filled with chickpea tofu, two eggs, pickled veggies and rich tamarind sauce. As an alternative (or on the side) get the five layer spiced coffee cake, a dragon fruit bowl, Vietnamese coffee, and an order of their coconut yogurt and sweet n salty granola. The egg and tofu sandwich is only $9.


For a Pizza-Centric Brunch: All-Purpose

For $21, at both All Purpose locations, you can have as many aperol spritzes, bellinis, and mimosas as you want, with your choice of an entrée or pizza. This is a damn good deal. I am obsessed with the Sedgewick pizza, which has three different kinds of cheese, truffle honey and chives. They also have an eggplant parm or ricotta pancakes, if pizza isn’t your brunch dish of choice. Either way, cough up the dough to also pay for an order of their disco potatoes: the potatoes come drizzled in a parmesan fondue that is unreal.


For an Unlimited Tapas Brunch: Boqueria

Sangria is the name of the game at Boqueria, where $42 will get you unlimited red or white sangria and all the tapas you can eat. I would get an order of all the veggie items, which includes patatas bravas with garlic aioli, crispy cauliflower, scrambled eggs, French toast, roasted eggplant, a lettuce salad topped with hazelnuts and cheese, tortilla espanola, tomato bread, and of course, crispy, sweet, cinnamon-infused churros. Plan to do nothing else for the rest of the day after this meal.