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My favorite thing to do is to make recommendations. If I could give everyone in the world my phone number and have them text me whenever they needed something specific (a date night restaurant in D.C., a Czech new wave film for a casual Saturday night in). I would do it. While I love talking about food and art and fashion and music and anything else under the umbrella of pop culture, I really excel at talking about horror movies. I should have a PhD in talking about horror movies. So I’m putting my knowledge to good use and recommending at least one horror movie a day throughout the month of October. Grab my hand and let me be your guide through some spooky cinema.

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THE MOVIE: Lords of Chaos


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Technically I’m going to give you two options here, but I’m leading with Lords of Chaos because that film is easier to stream than the other movie I’m going to recommend. Anyway, Lords of Chaos focuses on the Norwegian black metal scene at the height of its murder and mayhem. Based on a true story, this movie very dramatically tells the tale of a group of misfits who start playing the gnarliest metal you’ve ever heard and then they squander their musical talent by burning churches and murdering each other. It’s dark and twisted and sad. If you’d rather hear a less sensationalized version of the story, then I’d highly recommend you dig into the documentary Until the Light Takes Us, which tells the real life story of Mayhem (it’s streaming for free, with ads, on Tubi). Either way, you should definitely listen to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas because it rules.

Have any questions about the content of the movie? Does The Dog Die and Unconsenting Media are great resources for looking up spoiler free triggers before you watch this film (or any film).

I’VE ALREADY SEEN THAT MOVIE, PLEASE SIR CAN I HAVE SOME MORE?: My eyes keep scanning over this creepy baby / possession movie on Shudder called Belzebuth, and I just have to check it out. It doesn’t matter how many horror movies use a cross flipping upside down to symbolize the appearance of a demon, it just gets me every damn time. Also, Tobin Bell is in it! I love Tobin Bell.