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My favorite thing to do is to make recommendations. If I could give everyone in the world my phone number and have them text me whenever they needed something specific (a date night restaurant in D.C., a Czech new wave film for a casual Saturday night in). I would do it. While I love talking about food and art and fashion and music and anything else under the umbrella of pop culture, I really excel at talking about horror movies. I should have a PhD in talking about horror movies. So I’m putting my knowledge to good use and recommending at least one horror movie a day throughout the month of October. Grab my hand and let me be your guide through some spooky cinema.

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WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: This isn’t a straight up, ghosts and zombies and possessions horror movie, but there is murder and drugs and some scenes so filled with tension that they’re almost transcendent. Directed by Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void, Irreversible) the movie starts off fun and playful and quickly dives into surrealist madness. It’s the kind of film that makes you feel like you’ve ran a marathon by the time the credits roll. By the end of this baby, you’ll feel like you’ve been put through the ringer. Also, the trailer doesn’t really dive into the depravity of Climax, but almost any bad thing that could happen, does happen. I gasped out loud a lot while watching this one.

Have any questions about the content of the movie? Does The Dog Die and Unconsenting Media are great resources for looking up spoiler free triggers before you watch this film (or any film).

I’VE ALREADY SEEN THAT MOVIE, PLEASE SIR CAN I HAVE SOME MORE?: I’ll be going out on the town tonight my horror loving friends! The Lighthouse is finally in theaters and I can’t wait to dive headfirst into Robert Eggers Lovecraftian tale of solitude. It looks so damn weird. If you aren’t able to get out to the movies tonight (and you don’t want to watch Climax), I recommend kicking back and screening Knife + Heart, which is on Shudder. It’s beautiful art-y queer horror flick.