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If anyone knows horror movies, it’s genre enthusiasts Russ Marshalek and Laura Hajek of A Place Both Wonderful and Strange. They’re playing the Friday the 13th Spectacular (missed opportunity to utilize “SPOOKTACULAR” TBH…) at Terra Firma later this week (grab tickets for just $7 here) during which they’ll perform a special ritual during their set. (They ask that you wear all black if possible.) In anticipation of all of that, they gave us a list of their favorite spoops of all time:

Russ’ Picks:

The Blair Witch Project

This is the movie that launched my obsession with horror. I saw it 10 times in the movies when it first came out, and have watched it countless more. It’s perfect and if you don’t agree you’re wrong.

The Ring

If you aren’t terrified of this, you’re not a person I believe exists. The books sort of nullify the horror in the story, so I tend to stick to just this film.

It Follows

What a great, weird, creeping film.

Nightmare on Elm Street

These movies are classics for a good reason.

The Shining

The movie is such a different creature from the book, and for the better. I only saw this recently (I know, I know) and instantly fell in love.

Laura’s Picks:


This is my all time favorite horror movie because of the relationship between the mom and dad.


The actress is also in Shock Treatment.

The Omen 

Famous last words amirite!?


God it’s so perfect.

Lake Nowhere

I’m in this!