A Funny Moms Introduction To Froggy Fresh
BYT at large | Jul 3, 2013 | 2:00PM |

Brandon Wardell is a member of Funny Moms. Funny Moms will be DJing as part of our 4th Annual 4th of July Pool Party Spectacular Craptacular! This introductory list of Froggy Fresh songs will attempt to illuminate the greatness and quality musical taste that is Funny Moms.

Top Five Froggy Fresh Jams According To Funny Mom Brandon Wardell

5. “The Baddest”
The world’s introduction to Krispy Kreme (pre-cease-and-desist order, now known as Froggy Fresh) and his Mac Miller shirt wearing best friend Money Maker Mike

4. (TIE) “Girl Work It” and “Same Old Kid”
If Wiz Khalifa was saying any of these lyrics, his fans would literally be like “BARS FOR DAYS WOW!”

3. “Haters Wanna Be Me”

2. (TIE) “Stolen Bikes” and “Dunked On”
Smh if you don’t think Krispy Kreme’s storytelling is on par with Good Kid, MAAD City

1. “Denzel Washington”
He’s so darn cool, he’s so darn clever