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Ah, DC summer. I haven’t missed you. The best antidote to the agony of being covered in so much sweat that you constantly taste salt on your lips is to wash it all away with some Gin Punch. This is a 1960s classic and in true classic form, relies more on the subtle flavors of gin and fruit than oversweetened mixers.

Gin Punch

  • Juice of 20 oranges and 12 lemons. I cannot fault you if you want to substitute some Five Alive or bottled lemon juice, so long as you don’t use sweetened stuff like Minute Maid 
  • 1 quarts gin
  • 4 jiggers Grenadine (or simple syrup for a clear punch)
  • 6 dashes of bitters

Combine this all in a large punch bowl. Add a lot of ice and stir in 2 quarts chilled soda water. Serve immediately. This doozy is enough for a crowd of about 15-20 and is instantly refreshing.