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Welcome to the ultimate in manly weekend fun: horses, betting, whiskey and bourbon drinks ahoy. We’re talking about the Derby weekend, of course. Experience all that (in unlimited supplies, natch) + barbershop quartets and adorable ukulele playing girls at this Saturday’s BYT PRESENTS: PRANCIN’ (A DERBY DAY PARTY). And while there are NEVER ANY DRESS CODES at BYT PARTIES (ever!) we figured, this would be a great opportunity to chase some of our favorite stylish men about town down and ask them what THEY would (and will) wear to this occasion.

Philip Soriano

— One half of our favorite fitting men’s shirt team around Hugh & Crye

Guys generally need an occasion or a reason to dress up. When thinking about what to wear, here are three looks based on which section your derby ticket is in.

  • LOOK #1



The Turf Club – This private club for members only is open to guests on the big day. Derby day and oaks day are the only days guests are permitted inside. Naturally, the dress code is a little more classic – so, dressing accordingly is important. The emphasis is on fit here. Since keeping a classic color palette is important, why not stand out by having a more modern cut? Stick to the seersucker blazer and the straw boater, but feel free to pull out the tapered khakis or white pants sans socks.
  • LOOK #2


 The Club House – With comfortable seating and great views of the race, you’re in the (Mercedes) C-class of Kentucky Derby seating sections. Dress accordingly, but don’t be afraid to untie that bow tie if things heat up when “Charming Kitten” slips into 3rd place after you just doubled your bet. Keep it preppy, but young with blue suede bucks, a gingham shirt, and tapered blue chinos.
  • LOOK #3



The Grandstand – All bets are off here, literally. You’re own your own for betting, food, and drinks. The seating isn’t covered either. So, stay cool in a fitted, short-sleeve polo. Keep your feet comfortable (and dry from the spilled beer) in clean Nylites – those UofL guys will be shotgunning beers next to you. Round out the look by adding your favorite watch and sunglasses.”


Christylez Bacon

— Grammy-nominated Progressive Hip-Hop Artist and GQ’s next cover model (okay, so WE think anyway)…

  • LOOK #1
Overall Look #1 Sir & Madame • Weekender Bag 
As a Southeast DC native, we don’t go the derbies often, but we do know a bit about stylin’ on bamas! 🙂 Women often say “Men have it so easy with a plain shirt and some pants,” but it’s all about the accessories in my realm! With this classical/contemporary look, you can buy local with Hugh & Crye Shirtmakers for the striped banker’s collar shirt & a pocket square, go to H&M in Metro Center for the pants, vest, and blazer and save a buck! You can get a chestnut & white repetition going with the wingtips from Brooklyn Circus in NY and cop the Sir & Madame weekender bag in the same store… or online! Cause we’re rocking weekenders on the weekdays!
  • LOOK #2

Overall Look #2 look2

This is how I personally get down on the daily. Once again, it’s about rhythm and repetition with the red accents to make the eyes jump around. This is a technique that you don’t want to over-do, cause you’ll wind up looking like a southern pimp… no bueno! TheChristy’s hat with the stingy-brim is great for the season with a short Brooklyn Circus vest, Banana Republic chinos, Zara patent leather shoes, and a wooden watch. Yes, wood! Add some Royalties Paris socks with a ascot from locals, Ginger Root Designs, and you’ll have a retro yet contemporary look! …Afro grown separately.
  • LOOK #3
Overall Look #3
This is a fly cat right here! The blazer and polo appears to be of the Ralph Lauren & Hilfiger variety, so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Slide down to H&M again for the pants and save your dough. Pair it with the plush Black Fleece woven belt, and some hybrid street oxfords from Zara. The adventurous blazer makes this whole outfit pop, but you still gotta put your own flava in there! In my case, a Ghurka bag and some H&M driving gloves that you can afford to get dirty messing around in these DC streets!


Philippe Chetrit

— Entrepreneur, DJ (Fatback, Que Sera), sandwich enthusiast, man about town, and the mind behind the ultimate men’s style x food porn blog you need to get obsessed with NOW: MastardSauce.com

  • LOOK #1

   Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.55.23 PM look1

I call this creation: schoolboy-thug-banker. This kid is doing math homework, while handeling some M&A, sipping a tom collins in the back of his Escalade on his way to the derby. (Blazer – Apolis’ Standard Issue Civilian Blazer; Shirt – Gitman Bros’ Anchor Button Down; Bowtie – Hill Side’s Tropical Discharge Bowtie; Cap – The Knottery’s The Elephant in the Room Cap; Shoes – Soulland’s Penderson Durby: and, Shorts – Club Monaco’s Navy Tenis Shorts)

Bennett Richardson

— The guy you can thank for all those sweet HINGE hook-ups (ahem, DATES) you’ve been having recently. Seriously, download the app.

If you’re going to a fancy party, you can’t go wrong with J. Crew’s Ludlow Suit. Great cut, and has the quality of a suit twice the price. They just came out with a bunch of summer fabrics — the Japanese Chambray is money.
This year I decided to go more casual for my Derby/Gold Cup look. I’ll be sporting a Brooks Brothers blazer and linen bow tie on top, and Bonobos’ travel jeans and Vans Authentics down bottom.
image (4)

If you’re just going to a BBQ or other casual gathering but still want to get festive, there’s no better option than Betabrand’s Seersucker Hoodie. Pants optional, clearly.



Sean Davidson

DJ. Designer. Progressive AND aggressive.

  • LOOK #1

image look1

I think we will start with the latest Burberry spark square sunglasses  in metallic blue. Terribly obnoxious yet good enough for Burberry. A splash of color never hurt anyone right? Next we will calm the electricity with a simple light grey Oxford suit by Zarra. This oxford is timeless but with a contemporary cut (and very well priced). Under the suit you will find a white Brooks Brothers button down (good enough for my dad) and a silk abstract Burberry prorsum tie to further pop the blue and light grey. In order to keep it real, and with a lot of earth and mud to cover,  I’m going to keep it basic with Stripe socks by Marc Jacobs and Grey canvas vans to match the Oxford by Zara. Blue and light greys to keep it timeless and spring.



Will Nainis

 Street Style contender, Vice President of Marketing for Sharp Shirter and late-night tunes master as some of your favorite grungey bars

  • LOOK #1

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.56.47 PMlook1Tone on tone – I can’t get enough of the SS13′ collection from Amsterdam based brand, Scotch & Soda. Like most dudes, I don’t normally gravitate towards combining shades of Navy but with enough contrast between the Jacket and pants it works. This look is about combining vintage blues with reinvented modern accessories. (Jacket – Scotch & Soda; Pants – Scotch & Soda; Shoes – Swim; Pocket Watch – People, People (Prototype; Belt – Union made; Sunglasses – Spitfire)


  • LOOK #2


look2(Shirt – Mason Kitsune Pants – ASOS; Jacket – ManShop; Shoes – Rag & Bone; Socks – Paul Smith; Sunglasses – Ray Ban; Pin -Mason Kitsune)


Brandon Weight

BYT’s very stylish new summer intern and by all accounts a seemingly very capable young man.


  • LOOK #1



Add a new fashion vocab word to your repertoire: color blocking. The pastel pink-and-green split oxford shirt will earn you plenty of compliments. Pair it a tie emblazoned with mini jockeys, and even a few people may ask which horse you’re racing in the Derby. (Tie – Alynn Novelty,  Just For Mens; Sunglasses – Jasper, Warby ParkerShirt – Hawkings McGill Oxford, Urban OutfittersPants – 511 Slim Fit Jeans (White), Levi’s)


  • LOOK #2

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.15.03 AM

look2 The Kentucky Derby is famous for eye-popping, bold clothing. Instead of the preppy stalwart salmon pants, option for a bright red. Keep the rest of the look refined and a bit understated with a seersucker bow tie and salvaged oxfords and a straw hat that would make Macklemore proud. (Tie – Seersucker – Midnight Navy, The Tie Bar; Shirt – Short Sleeve Oxford (blue), Penguin; Pants – Dockers Twill Alpha Khakis (Red), Gilt; Hat – Wide Brim Straw Hat, eBay; and, Shoes – Johnston and Murphy Suede Wingtips, eBay)



  • LOOK #3

look3 Oh, the boat shoe. Perhaps they were your fratty college roommate’s go-to kicks when he had to park his yacht – er, walk to class. Regardless, skater stalwarts like Vans offer more edgy interpretations, like their Zapato Del Barco. Class it up with a cool linen shirt – both in the sense that it’ll let your skin breathe and keep you looking your derby best. (Tie – Silk Bow Tie in Pindot, J.Crew; Shirt – Slim-Fit Linen Shirt, Club Monaco; Pants – Cotton Twill Postal Short,  American Apparel; and, Shoes – Zapato Del Barco, Vans)


Many thanks to our super stylish dudes for all their tips and input!  Tickets for BYT PRESENTS: PRANCIN’ (A Derby Day Party) are still available (somehow?!).  Can’t wait to see all of you in your best dressed this Saturday!