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Words and thoughts by Ellen Lovelidge & Emma Kelly. Photos by Kimberly Cadena.

When we first walked in the door at Dangerously Delicious Pies last week the intense aroma of pies swept us off our feet and we knew we’d be in for a real treat but had no idea it’d be THIS good. Emma (another food writer), Kimberly (our amazing photog), and I hit the X2 bus (seriously the easiest and best way to get to H St. NE), and met up with super friendly Dangerously Delicious staff Sandra and Stevie for a little lesson in pies and just how spectacular they can be. We got a sample of their vibrant menu offerings as well as a complete lesson on how they make their all new BYT-inspired Bring Your Thanksgiving pie!

Dangerously Delicious Pies started off in Baltimore and has now branched out to the DC area. They offer both sweet and savory pies and have great specials throughout the week including a lunch deal Monday through Wednesday: a great date deal of four slices and drinks for $20. The pies rotate and they also offer other tasty treats like quiche and their specialty Baltimore Bomb which we unfortunately didn’t sample although I’m sure it’s amazing.

We opted for a slice each of the S.M.O.G. (Steak Mushroom Onion Gruyere), and an apparent fan favorite, the blackberry, both warmed in a small oven on their own. The slices were delicious and incredibly fresh tasting, assuring they were made right there very recently. The friendly young staff manning the front counter even treated us to a ukulele duet making us realize it would be an excellent stop at the end of a long night out on H St., especially since they are open till 3:30 AM.

After filling our bellies it was time to hit the kitchen with Stevie as our guide to the pie-making process. He first got his start working with Rodney, the founder and owner of DDP in Baltimore, about a year ago but now lives with his wife in an apartment above the DC restaurant working long hours daily with a few other kitchen staff to bring the freshest products to our area, making everything on-site. Today he is testing his new creation – a pie containing all the elements of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. There is no open-flame in the one-room kitchen and all ingredients are prepared by baking in their two ovens after being seasoned with herbs and other ingredients. When we walk in the kitchen cranberries, green beans, some potatoes, and a mixture of homemade stuffing and chicken stock have already been prepared while Stevie works to prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Squash, ground turkey, more potatoes, and turkey breasts were then seasoned and arranged on large pans for baking.

After baking the final products were ready to become the pie filling.

Everything was then mixed together with an herbed cream sauce.

The fresh (all vegan!) pie dough was filled with the mixture making about four pies per bowl-full of mixture.

Pies were then sealed shut and marked with their unique tag, these with the initials “BYT”, before hitting the oven.

Only 45 minutes later the wonderful creations were baked to perfection and ready to either hit the box for us to take home and test drive or the pie safe with the other pies for cooling and then serving.

The three of us spent the next few days constantly texting, emailing, and twittering about the mind-blowing results of the Bring Your Thanksgiving pie. I passed out slices to friends who stopped by the house and everyone really enjoyed themselves. None of us had experienced anything like it. The best part of the BYT pie is that if you are a vegan or vegetarian who’s hosting Thanksgiving and have meat-eaters coming for dinner, just pick up a pie and they’ll be more than fulfilled. You have until this Sunday, November 21 to order your Thanksgiving pies. I seriously recommend you stop in Dangerously Delicious Pies and if you don’t try the BYT pie, at least give another slice a shot, they really are irresistible.

Dangerously Delicious Pies plan on expanding their operation in the future as the demand continues to grow. They also have a pie truck running around town that can be tracked via their Twitter.

Want to win a Bring Your Thanksgiving pie? (YES you DO!) Let us know in the comments what type of pie you would most like to have smashed on your face and we’ll announce the winner next Monday, November 22!