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Dearest Friends –

What a year it’s been! It seems like only yesterday we were hanging up the stockings at Wonderland with the Pink Sock crew and making out with bois and girls under the expertly-placed mistletoe. How quickly time flies! Before we fill you in on the news, we wanted to cordially invite you to the first ever BYGays AllCity Happy Hour at UHall on Friday, December 17th, featuring your favorite DJ’s Shea Van Horn (Mixtape), vAnniety kills (Anniething Goes) and Bradley (Pink Sock)… oh and as our holiday treat to you, there’s no cover!

The whole BYGays family is doing very well, thanks for asking. After a quick break for some eggnog and holiday cheer, we busily set to work preparing the ballroom at the Capitol Skyline Hotel for your queer New Year’s Eve enjoyment. It really touched our hearts and elsewhere to see all the little twinks and ravers and prepsters and hipsters playing together so nicely at that party.

After sleeping off our hangovers, we welcomed vAnniety kills into the (nightlife) world, several leather daddies to town and did our best to keep up our party regimen, even prior to and after Snowmaggedon with Homo/Sonic and RAW.

As spring rolled around, so did some joyful news. No, John’s not pregnant and Deb’s not the father. But we did welcome Ricky Martin into the family and celebrated the ability for all the gays and lezzies to tie the knot here in the District of Columbia.

To keep them out of trouble during the summer, we sent the Pocket Gays off (with a tear or two, we’ll admit!) to Sunday School. That made it a bit easier to deal with the separation anxiety when back to school season rolled around.

It also helped that we got a new pet to celebrate Pride! The BYDino made several guest appearances at all the hottest parties, like She.Rex, Mixtape and Maison. And then Dino helped us throw an epic Pride party – Homo Erectus – that brought together an eclectic mix of DJ’s from all walks of DC LGBT nightlife to turn the Washington Hilton into a queer prehistoric paradise. Do you remember that night? If so, please tell us because we may have had a wee bit too much fun.

And there were so many big birthdays this year! RAW and Pink Sock both turned one and Mixtape turned two while that sassy broad, Phase 1, officially entered over-the-hill land at 40!

In other news, we’ve slowly been able to get over our Gaga obsession by cultivating a healthy interest in the art of burlesque. Oh and you may have heard already, but we’ve started a new project with Gay Best Weekend Bets (it was preferable to having Keli’s crafting supplies hanging around and sticking to the furniture).

Somewhere amidst all the excitement we also taught you all about gay sex, introduced you to Brooklyn’s queer music scene via Phasefest, rang in SIREN at Apex, took tea with the OverEasy ladies and held a special Smirnoff Salon to taste test some delicious cocktails.

It hasn’t been all vodka and roses and queer punk, however. This spring, we admitted we had a CRACK problem and tearfully said goodbye to Dixie Carter. But like Gay Icon Bindi Irwin, we are persevering and trusting in WTF?! to keep us on the right course, even if it means staying up with Peach Pit after hours. We certainly couldn’t have done it without good friends like Summer Camp and our handyboi chipping in.

Phew! That really is quite the busy year. And we’re gearing up for an even better 2011. Here’s hoping your holidays are merry, bright and… well… gay. And we can’t wait to see you at our AllCity Happy Hour on the 17th. We’re just BURSTING with excitement.

Hearts and ponies,
The BYGays