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We have our recap highlight reel from our #DayINDC livestream festival and fundraiser from a few weeks back . This week marks, officially, the start of the 3rd month of self-quarantining for most of us. So, if you are feeling slightly blue or angry or adrift, watch this as a reminder of what a great city we live in, filled with cool, smart, creative, resilient people (we’ve been watching it every hour on the hour, basically):

video edit: William Sarmiento, graphics: Erik Loften


p.s. Donations are open through the end of today on adayin.live – support these businesses if you can. Reminder of the line-up and ways to do so, below:

6: 30 AM – Sunrise Yoga with Cynthia Lorena, to directly support:  CLICK HERE

7:30 AM – 730DC.com LIVE, to directly support: CLICK HERE

8:00 AM – Morning Coffee with Dolcezza , to directly support: CLICK HERE

8:30 AM Pre-work Morning Dance Party with DJ DAMN KHAM , to directly support: CLICK HERE

9:00 AM Creative Breakfast Challenge with Call Your Mother Deli   to directly support: ORDER AHEAD + FUNDRAISE + GIFT CARDS

9:30 AM Vision Boarding with Grip the Mat Founder Christy Skarulis to directly support: CLICK HERE

10:00 Paper Flower Workshop with Revery Paper Flora to directly support:CLICK HERE

10:30 Immunity Boosting with Apothekary  to directly support: SHOP IMMUNITY HERE

11:00 Workout with Orange Theory Fitness and Equinox’s Timbo Williams , to directly support: CLICK HERE

11:30 Sound Advice w/ Esther Boykin of Group Therapy Associates to directly support: CLICK HERE

NOON: Girls Night In Book Club with Politics & Prose to directly support: SHOP POLITICS AND PROSE 


12:30 Mid Day Meditation with Take 5 to directly support: CLICK HERE

1:00 Virtual ARTECHOUSE tour , to directly support: CLICK HERE

1:30 Hummus Hacks with Little Sesame to directly support: TAKE OUT AND DELIVERY

2:00 Coffee Break with The Coffee Bar to directly support: SHOP HERE

2:30 Snack Time with World Central Kitchen  to directly support: DONATE HERE

2:45 Nature Break in Rock Creek Conservancy  to directly support: PLEDGE HERE

3:00 Sketching with Artist Rose Jaffe to directly support: SHOP HERE

3:30 Check in with BYT and the team behind the festival.

3:35 Ben’s Chili Bowl Hang-Out, to directly support: GIFT CARDS & TO GO ORDERS HERE

4:00 Online Drag Story Time with Summer Camp to directly support: CLICK HERE

4:30 Plant Care with Little Leaf  to directly support: SHOP AND DELIVERY

5:00 Local News w/ DCist to directly support: Join BECOME A MEMBER HERE

5:30 Smart People Talking Calmly: Relationship & Dating Advice w/ Jess McCann  ,to directly support – buy Jess’s book here

6:00 Busboys and Poets Presents, to directly support: ORDER HERE

6:30 Trivia Hour w/ District Trivia to directly support: BOOK A VIRTUAL PRIVATE EVENTS

7:30 Dinner Party with Thamee DC to directly support: GIFT CARDS

8:00 Buffalo & Bergen Mixology 101 w/ Gina Chersevani ,to directly support: PICK UPGIFT CARDS

8:30 Songbyrd DC Presents, to directly support: SHOP HERE

9:30 Early Bird Wind Down with Glow Club For direct support: BOOK HEREBUY A HAT HERE

10:00 9:30 Club Presents Get BENT on Your Couch with DJ Lemz , to directly support: DONATE TO IMP FAMILY FUND

11:00 UHall Presents to directly support:SHOP HERE

Midnight Movie Club with Suns Cinema to directly support: DONATE HERE