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Veronica Mars starts season 3 on the (presumably) revamped CW.

Sassiness (and inevitable murder) got to college.

Just like 90210 but with blood and without Tori Spelling

What is NOT to be excited about?


Hard Candy is out on DVD. If you missed it for that nano-second it was in theatres (or went to see Brick instead) DO NOT miss it now. Ellen Page is going to be a huge star any day now and you do NOT want to know what surgical procedure any 14-year old with a scalpel could do.In broad daylight at that.


Death and the Maiden. The vaguely gothic, hugely claustrophobic game of cat (Sigourney Weaver) and mouse (Ben Kingsley)-or is it the other way around?-Hard Candy owes a lot to. In pitch darkness at that


The Pedro Almodovar festival lives on at the AFI. Spend 9 dollars to see The Flower of my secret and NOT the Black Dahlia (in fact promise us to NEVER EVER see The Black Dahlia)


The fact that not only is the Bar Pilar photobooth now cheaper (3 to the earlier 5 dollars)

BUT ALSO FASTER. How many people and exposed breasts can YOU squeeze into it?


Anything with a Yo La Tengo soundtrack (including the never released Junebug OST and the upcoming OLD Youth)


glow in the dark.stuff. YOU WANT IT. Even if you are denying it right now.

Trust us.