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1. VOTING -all over the tri-state area (9:00 am)

because it is the right thing to do and you know it.

2. embracing the fact that you live in DC and that VOTING is basically a competitive sport here

3. embracing the fact that BECAUSE voting is basically a competitive sport here and as such it will have viewing parties and after parties and after parties at places like The Smith Point where maybe you would never go before (and may never go again) but if the Bush twins were able to infiltrate ST-EX why would you not be able to infiltrate their locale.


4.getting a good nights sleep after you have : a. voted, b. watched the results, c. (hopefully) celeberated the results

5. enjoying other free things DC has to offer (Aside from voting): The Jesper Just lecture at Hirshorn this wednesday

6. the library of congress music movie festival

7. and finally, this saturday…. I call shotgun-Kelly Towles show (7:00 pm)

bcse as someone once said: if you are not going to support awesome local doodes, doing awesome things (art in this case)

then….who are you going to support ?

that’s right .