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1. CANDY. smell the candy corn. go on. do it.

2. Will Cotton. The art equivalent of candy. Just as pleasing to the eye and a little lighter on the tooth decay

3. Going the “movies that scared me as a child” route this halloween. We are talking: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Labyrinth,

Dark Crystal, Legend, The Last Unicorn and more. And if you want to put a stop on that candy go for the Wonka land.

little suprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous. (yeah, right, tell that to my 7 year old self)

4.Using said movies as your costume inspiration

5. As a bonus point: the Bowie wig from The Labyrinth can be re-used next year to portray Charlize Theron in any which one of her Oscar-bait movies.

6.Nightmare before christmas in 3D. Because Tim Burton deserves a “7 things we are excited over” every week

7.All childish fancy aside- the party to go to tonight is

cory’s comeback HALLOWEEN CUNT

(at 11th and Kenyon)


click here to see how the seeing off went.

CUNT bye byes Cory

then imagine it with: COSTUMES, 2 dollar Jameson Shots and Coozies everywhere.

Cory, Gavin and Ross at the decks, Kat at the Bar, everyone else………… drunk.